Content Brainstorming

Having trouble coming up with blog posts and other content for your online business? This course includes 13 “choose your own brainstorming adventure” prompts that will ensure that you’re never lacking for content ideas again.

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  1. Getting the Most Out of This Brainstorming Course

    This lesson explains how to brainstorm and get the most out of using these prompts.

  2. There’s Gold in That Blog

    Use this prompt to see what content you already have that can be repackaged.

  3. Hindsight is 20/20

    Use this prompt to help you plan out all the different content pieces you could create as part of a product or service launch.

  4. Magazine Maven

    Use this prompt and your favorite magazine for big picture planning (coming up with ideas for your blog’s editorial calendar or pieces of a course or auto-responder series).

  5. Headline Generators

    Use this prompt to quickly come up with headlines that you can build a blog post around.

  6. Snap Shots

    Use this prompt to engage the visual part of your brain when words just aren’t cutting it.

  7. Be a Bookworm

    Use this prompt to engage your inner best-selling author and competitive spirit.

  8. Start with the Questions

    Use this prompt to tap directly into your ideal client’s brain and answer all their questions.

  9. Be a Reviewer

    Use this prompt to bring more of your personality and real life experiences into your content.

  10. Slack Off

    This is a free form, no-pressure brainstorming prompt to help you capture great content ideas when you’re not even working.

  11. You the Curator

    Use this prompt to take advantage of all the time you spend researching and consuming other folk’s content.

  12. Phone a Friend

    Use this prompt to access your teenage brain and add humor to your content.

  13. Mind Map it Out

    Use this prompt to engage your inner artist and help you see the big picture connections between all your content ideas and your ideal clients.

  14. People Watching

    Use this prompt to draw on the power of your connections and to crowd source content.