Graphic Design Basics

Learn basic design fundamentals to boost the clarity of your visual messages. Covers font, photography/illustration and color basics for branding your online business.

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  1. Welcome to Graphic Design Basics

    Welcome to Graphic Design Basics!

  2. Design Principles

    Six design principles to help you better communicate your message visually.

  3. Graphic Design Terms – Color

    Explore the basics of one of the most powerful tools you have as designer: color.

  4. Graphic Design Terms – Typography

    Get up to speed on all the typography terms, so you can pick fonts with ease.

  5. Graphic Design Terms – Images

    Photo and illustration basics, to set you up for success when sourcing images for your designs.

  6. Graphic Design Terms – General

    One more set of design terms and then you’re good to go (for now).