Photoshop Basics for Online Business

Learn basic Photoshop skills to boost your online business branding. Covers the Photoshop user interface; menus and tools; file formats, sizing, and resolution; working with layers, colors, and typography; using filters, effects, brushes and gradient; how to save your files for use on the web, and more. Includes: 4 hours of video tutorials and practice files.

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  1. Interface Overview

    Get your feet wet with a broad overview of Photoshop CS6 user interface including location of tools, menus, the option bar, and panels.

  2. New Document

    Learn how to create a new Photoshop documents so you can start creating.

  3. Open Files

    Learn how to open image files and start creating.

  4. Navigate

    Learn how to move around in and between Photoshop documents using the zoom tool, hand tool, and navigator panel.

  5. Resolution and File Formats

    Learn about image resolution and file formats for print, photo printing, and screen use. Learn how to resize and resample images.

  6. Choosing Colors

    Learn how to use Photoshop’s various color interfaces: color picker, color libraries, color panel, swatch panel, gradient tool, and eyedropper tool, to select and choose colors for your branding projects.

  7. Layers

    Learn all about the power of using layers: how to work with background layers; add, reorder, and delete layers; combine images into one file; save your Photoshop file to preserve layers; and how to name and organize layers into groups.

  8. Cropping

    Learn how to undo and redo changes you’ve made to an image, use the history panel, use the crop tool and straighten an image.

  9. Transform

    Learn how to use transform options and smart object layers to non-destructively edit your images: rotate, skew, distort, perspective, and warp.

  10. Selection Tools and Layer Masks

    Learn how to select parts of your images for editing with the marquee and lasso tools. Learn how to use the quick selection tool and refine selections dialogue to speed up the selection process. Learn how to blend photos together with gradients and masks.

  11. Adjustment Layers

    Learn how to non-destructively adjust layers in your Photoshop documents to create artistic effects like sepia tones, black and white photos and more.

  12. Filters

    Learn how to use filters to soften images, add noise and textures and other special effects. Covers: gaussian blur, diffuse glow, noise, texture effects, field, iris and tilt shift.

  13. Blend Modes

    Learn how to use blend modes to merge layers to create artistic effects.

  14. Typography

    Learn how to work with typography in Photoshop using the type tool and character and paragraph panels. Learn how to make type into a mask.

  15. Layer Effects

    Learn how to use layer effects like drop shadows, strokes, inner glows, patterns, bevels and more on both images and type. Learn how to create your own watermark to protect your images.

  16. Brushes

    Learn how to use brushes, edit their characteristics and explore some of Photoshop’s many brush presets.

  17. Gradients

    Learn how to edit and use gradients.

  18. Shapes

    Learn how to use Photoshop’s vector-based shape tools to create scalable: rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, lines and custom shapes.

  19. Save for Web

    Learn how to use Photoshop’s Save for Web menu to optimize your images and save in the correct formats for use on your website and social media.

  20. Practice

    Practice all the skills you’ve learned in Photoshop Basics for Online Business.