Herwitz Law Logo

----> Click to download .zip file of logos.

Watch video for an overview of logo files.


Here’s what’s included:
• Brand style guide w/color and font info
• Horizontal and stacked versions of the logo in CMYK and BW in .ai, .eps formats
• Horizontal and stacked versions of the logo in RGB in .png and .jpg format
• Alternative marks in in CMYK and BW in .ai, .eps formats and color/white RGB in .png and .jpg format
• Logo and alternative marks in Square size for social media profile images in .png and .jpg format
• favicon image

Guide to file formats & color modes:
• Raster files = for website, email marketing and other multimedia, not scalable
• Vector = scalable for print, signage
• CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow, black = colors used in printing (for biz cards, etc.)
• RGB = red, green, blue = colors used on websites
• BW= black and white = colors used in printing (signage, silkscreen, embroidery where a 1-color logo file is required)
• Hex # = code that identifies the color on websites
• Pantone = color matching system, single color ink, most often used by vendors to match colors
• .eps = vector file which can be opened in many graphics programs (originally created in Illustrator)
• .jpg, .png, = for web use
• .ai = original Illustrator file (need illustrator to open, some printers ask for this file)