Polish Your Online Brand

Day 4

About your competitors & collaborators

Download today's worksheet in PDF format here:

Answer these questions in your branding document or download in PDF format above.
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About Your Competitors & Collaborators

Q1: Who are your top 5 competitors and how do you measure up to them in the marketplace? (see pdf worksheet)

Q2: How do you solve your client’s problems differently?

Dig deeper with these questions:

  • What’s different about your skill set, knowledge, background, life
    experiences, etc. that allow you to help your client in different ways than your competitors?
  • What’s the process you go through with your clients? Write it down, step-by-step, taking note of what makes you different.

Q3: Who are potential collaborators for your business?

Dig deeper with these questions:

  • What other businesses serve the same market as you, but offer different or complementary services/products?
  • Do any of your competitors seem like they’d be open to collaborating with you?

Post your questions and answers and get feedback as you work through this process in our Facebook group.