E-book Brainstorming

E-books, Freebies, Big Bananas, Pink Spoons … Got Yours?

Having your very own e-book (for sale or free) is key to growing your opt-in list and your online business. If you don’t have an e-book it’s time to get busy and get this done!

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I’m here to help you do that.

If you want feedback on your current e-book or freebie or want help figuring out to get started on your first e-book or freebie….

Sign up for a free 15-minute E-book Brainstorming Session

If you have an e-book I’ll review it with an emphasis on how well the content and design are supporting your brand and marketing goals.

If you want to create a new e-book we’ll spend our session looking at the big picture of your brand and business and how an e-book would best fit into your business dreams and lead to sales.

You’ll leave our session crystal clear on how to improve your e-book and boost your business.

You’ll have new ideas to explore and my recommendations for resources to help you quickly implement all that we’ve talked about. If you want additional help keeping yourself motivated and on track we can discuss options for continuing to work together, too.

Praise from folks who’ve tried this out!

“Your 15-minute E-book Brainstorming session is fantastic! I took away instant improvements to my PDFs that really made a difference!!!! Highly recommend everyone signs up!”

~ Share Ross, Video Rock Star University

“I got the Pages app today and went on a Creation binge, and now wanted to thank you again for your wonderful and thoughtful advice and input about my PDF freebie!”

~ Beth Ihle, coach, writer, creative entrepreneur at Create Your Life Party

Christie Halmick really knows her stuff!

“I signed up for an E-book Brainstorming Session with Christie and was delighted. I knew I was on the right track, but Christie quickly and efficiently taught me how to notch it up 110%. She set me straight on how to present and maintain my branding along with useful tips of the trade to add to my toolbelt.

Whether you are just starting out or have something to review, do yourself a big favor and invest in working with Christie.”

~ Jacqueline Fairbrass, The Happiness Coach at Feeling Absolutely Fabulous LLC

“I got tremendous value out of our call, much more than other free ‘consults’ that turned out to be pitches for their service with very little content.”

~ Djanira Cortesão, of Cooking With DJ

“I just had an amazing call with Christie Halmick about my website opt-in.

“I went into the call feeling a little lost around the idea of my opt in and within a few minutes (No exaggeration) I felt clear and confident that I can do this. Her ideas were on point and guidance was brilliant, so excited about what I am creating. Can’t believe we achieved so much in 15 minutes. So any ladies feeling confused about your opt-in/ebooks check Christie out.”

~ Zara Thompson, coach

Sign up for a free 15-minute E-book Brainstorming Session