Printable: February 2015 Calendar

15 Minutes Per Day = Progress

What tiny step can you take each day (think 15 minutes of focused action) to move one (or two or three) of your business projects forward in February?


Download this printable (PDF) calendar and commit to take one tiny action per day, and see how much progress you can make.

Imagine the Possibilities

Fifteen minutes of focused action, 5 days per week throughout February = 5 hours of work on one or more of your most important projects!

Share your priority projects to win!

Work through the Priority Project Planner and share your top #3 February projects in the comments! Early on Feb. 4th, one lucky commenter (chosen by random drawing) will win a 4 month membership to Jewels Branch.

6 Resources for Creating 3D Product Images

Here are 6 resources to help you transform your digital product artwork (course graphics, product logos, ebook covers, etc.) into snazzy 3D images and mockups to use on your sales page and in your promo materials. I’ve used my content brainstorming ebook cover to show you the types of graphics you can create with each resource.

Resources for Creating 3D Images

3D Package Online

3D Package OnlineWhat it is: Cloud-based app
What it does: Makes 3D product images from your artwork: book, CD and box, 3D box, CD box, or DVD box.
Cost: Free
Learn more: here.

What it is: Cloud-based app
What it does: Makes 3D product images from your artwork: journals, books, boxes, CDs, and more.
Cost: $4.95/download, also has monthly/yearly subscription plans
Learn more: here.

Cover Action Pro

What it is: Photoshop Plugin (must have Photoshop to use)
What it does: Makes 3D product shots from your artwork: books, binders, CD cases, business cards, magazine, sticky notes, software boxes, and more.
Cost: $197+
Learn more: here. affiliate link


What it is: Photoshop Plugin (must have Photoshop to use)
What it does: Makes 3D product shots from your artwork: books, bags, bottles, mugs, shirts, boxes, cartons, and more
Cost: free
Learn more: here.

Resources for Creating Environmental Mockups


What it is: Cloud-based app
What it does: Places your product image or product video into a scene/video, featuring smart phones, computers, signage, and more. You can download images or videos.
Cost: $8-$59 each for images. Videos: $25-$189. Small images/videos are free. Also offers subscription plans.
Learn more: here.

Creative Market


What it is: Product mockup images with smart objects (must have Photoshop to use)
What it does: Places your product image in an environment (like a smart phone sitting on a desk).
Cost: varies
Learn more: here. Search for product mockups. Hero Header Mockup is used in this example. affiliate links

You’ve created a stellar course or ebook now go create some 3D graphics and mockups to share it with the world in style!

Bonus! I’ll make a snazzy 3D graphic for 5 lucky folks.

Have an ebook cover or digital product graphic and want a snazzy graphic? I’ll create one free 3D image (using Cover Action Pro) for the first 5 folks to comment below.

p.s. you can download the 6 Content Brainstorming Adventures here.

Online Resource Roundup: August 2014

A roundup of online classes, programs, and resources offered by entrepreneurial women to help you live your best life. If you have an online offering available that supports women entrepreneurs please share in the comments. If you’d like to be included in future roundups, please fill out this form for consideration. Thanks!


This month we’re shining the spotlight on …


And now, on to the full list…have fun, grow, learn, explore, live!


Business Growth & Personal Development

30-Day ChangeMaker Challenge

With: Denise Roseland
Price: $30 with half going to
Description: The 30-Day ChangeMaker Challenge is exactly the gentle nudge secret visionaries, tree-hugging do-gooders, tender revolutionaries, and big-hearted badass women need to step up, jump in, and rock your impact on an issue you care about.
More Info
Starts: August 6, 2014

Live Love Launch Workshop

With: Pat Romain
Price: $97
Description: My ideal client is a woman who wants to launch a program or product online and who finds it hard to get started, she is overwhelmed by the tech details and doesn’t even know where to start with her plan… She loves her work and her business but finds it difficult to implement her soul’s work as well as live her life.
More Info
Starts: August 11, 2014

Lyremark Business Design

With: Erika Lyremark
Price: $1250
Description: Seeking 15 women who’ve had a lifelong obsession with success, are learners, are hard-working, believe in what they are doing and value growing. Learn how to: be yourself in business, make money doing what you love, gain the freedom and opportunities you want, positively impact the planet, and much, much more!
More Info
Starts: August 17, 2014

Five Financial Tools

With: Ana Micka
Price: $197
Description: This is a totally unique offer. Based on your business goals, strategies and details I will personally create the 5 Financial Tools proven to drive your success. I literally do the math for you! You receive a personalized Income Calendar, Income Strategy, Expense Calendar, Revenue Goal, and Complete Budget and Cash-Flow.
More Info
Starts: August 21, 2014

Mompreneur Business Mastery

With: Flesché Hesch
Price: $2,000
Description: Are you ready to elevate your business to the next level? If so, then you are invited to join “Mompreneur Business Mastery.” It includes 1-on 1 & group coaching. This is the business mastermind for Moms that I wish I had when I was ready to grow my business! Lead by professional Business Coach for Moms, Flesché Hesch, MA.
More Info
Starts: August 23, 2014

Making Space

With: Donna Davies Brackett
Price: $80/mo
Description: Get the clutter out and have a blast doing it. Making Space is an inspiration + action group for work-at-home moms, entrepreneurs and creatives, who want to rid themselves of clutter … and get on with life. Laughter, support and some friendly competition get you moving to clear one area each month. Practical + motivational.
More Info
Starts: August 29, 2014

Bombshell Branding

With: Lauryn Doll
Price: $1500
Description: Are you struggling with making your brand or business sexy without it being sleazy, cheesy or cliché? Bombshell Branding gives you a step-by-step, done-for-you branding system that gives you a natural sex appeal that’s soulful, feminine and completely authentic.
More Info
Starts: August 31, 2014

Health & Beauty

19-2-LEAN Fitness Challenge

With: Rachel Southard
Price: Free
Description: The 19-2-LEAN Challenge is a great way to get a jump-start on an exercise program. All of the workouts can be done at home in 30 minutes or less! All you need is some dumbbells and an exercise tube. Take the challenge and commit to doing one workout each day for 19 days!
More Info
Starts: August 4, 2014

Repair the Earth, Heal Yourself

With: Chara Armon
Price: FREE
Description: You can improve both your own wellness and the Earth’s. Learn here how self-care is related to Earth-care, and how to engage in both in simple ways. Your result? A healthier, more peaceful you, connected to a natural environment that can support your flourishing!
More Info
Sales Close: August 15, 2014

Create Your Skincare

With: Rachael Pontillo
Price: $695
Description: Create Your Skincare is a 6-week online course that teaches women everything they need to know to create effective natural skincare products from scratch, and to fully customize them so they are unique to each unique student. Includes videos, downloads, e-workbook, live Q&A calls, private FB group, and bonuses.
More Info
Sales Close: August 31, 2014 for September 2 start date

Life & Relationships

Connected and Calm

With: Jessica Felix
Price: $297
Description: You know that parenting can be easier but you’re not sure where to start. You feel like a drill sergeant at times but somehow the limits you set just don’t seem to stick. This 4 week, one-on-one program will take your family from chaos to connection. You’ll get the tools you need to meet any future challenges with confidence!
More Info
Starts: August 31, 2014

Soul Work & Creativity


Soul Work & Creativity

Tribal Bliss, Dance and Vision

With: Paulette Rees-Denis
Price: $49
Description: Tribal Bliss — Volume 1 – Dance and Vision Online Course-next session September 7th! An online movement journey with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen. Bring on your dance with bliss and fun, internal questing and external dance juiciness! Welcome to our four week e-course!
More Info
Sales Close: September 10, 2014


Women’s Soul Retreat in the Redwoods

With: Laura Gates
Price: $1,250
Description: From October 2-5 nestled in the Redwoods we explore our deeper calling and how to remove obstacles to living our fullest lives. Gorgeous cabins, abundant nature, healthy food and the company of 9 other women. Join us for a rejuvenating weekend with yoga, creativity, rest, time in nature, and fun!
More Info
Sales Close: September 1, 2014


Life & Relationships

The Wedding Ceremony Workshop

With: Amanda Brown
Price: $97
Description: This DIY workshop helps brides create a wedding ceremony that truly reflects their relationship, values and personal beliefs. Whether the ceremony is inside, outside, at the beach, or on top of a mountain, this video course guides step by step through creating an unforgettable ceremony that will live in your hearts forever.
More Info

Get it, Mama! A Real Mom’s Guide to Rocking Mommyhood + Your Dreams

With: Camesha Gosha
Price: Free
Description: A lot happens when our name changes to Mama. One thing that doesn’t have to change is our pursuit of our dreams + passions. The “Get it, Mama!” ebook offers moms practical tips to to find + follow our passions!
More Info

Soul Work & Creativity

Core Imaginations – Know, Understand & Love Yourself

With: Lynn Jericho
Price: $36/mo for 11 months
Description: Do you want to find to a living image of yourself, not a fantasy or an ideal made up of wishes, but a real, fully alive image? Do you want to know yourself in ways that rings true in the core of your being? Do you want to become fully developed and fully expressed as this real, living, true image of I? Begin now!
More Info

Business Growth & Career/Personal Development

4 Week Business Success Bootcamp

With: Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse
Price: $298
Description: 4 weeks of modern marketing training, plus strategic plans to help you grow your business, build lasting connections w/ your customers, and get real results. This program will help take the guesswork out of what is needed to grow a successful business. Get lifetime access to: video lessons, MP3 files, worksheets, & transcripts.
More Info

5-day Loving-kindness Meditation Course for Women

With: Sita Chopra
Price: $10
Description: Do you give up on meditating because you feel like you get too distracted, don’t make it a priority, it’s a chore, don’t know how to start meditating, it’s hard to shut out all your thoughts, and making it a daily habit is just plain hard? Then this course is perfect you!! You will receive tons of support and guidance!!
More Info

7 Day Bootcamp: Self Employed Mama – Elevate Your Business and your life!

With: Flesche Hesch
Price: Free
Description: Self Employed Mama, do you struggle to manage your time, make enough money and have free time with your children? I created this 7 day bootcamp to help you elevate your business and your life. No excuses – it’s only 7 days long and FREE? Yeah, you can do this. Get started today!
More Info

Awesome Business Community

With: Renee Shupe
Price: $97/yr
Description: Let’s take the technical mumbo jumbo and makes it easy for you to understand so you can get moving in your business, find your groove and bring the fun back! Technology should help you in your business not hold you back, an empowered business owner. The Awesome Business Community helps you figure it all out!
More Info

Biz Therapy

With: Jessica Williams
Price: Free
Description: My goal is to talk to 100 people about their businesses and help them get clear on their big picture and figure out their next step. So if you are feeling confused or stuck in your business, sign up and together we’ll move you from overwhelm to awesome!
More Info

The Blissful Mama’s Three Month Coaching Biz Plan

With: Kathy Stowell
Price: $147
Description: Want to know the next actionable steps to take to build your coaching biz or online wahm operation over the next three months? This is a five day ecourse that will build you a schedule to follow to zoom in on an area of focus, find more work/mama life balance and self care for this bliss quarter!
More Info

Blueprint For Beginning Bloggers

With: Joanne
Price: $25
Description: This affordable e-course is designed to help the beginning blogger navigate through the journey of starting a blog. This course has two parts; first is a three week e-course, delivered to your inbox on Mondays and second, a private group to ask questions and network with other members.
More Info


With: Helene Scott
Price: Free
Description: Your OPT-IN is the most powerful opportunity to not only introduce what it is you offer so that it lines up PERFECTLY with your premium offerings — but to build your list with the EXACT right people for your biz. If your opt-in isn’t doing both of the above — you need to BOP your OPT-IN.
More Info

Chart Your Own Path: A Step-By-Step Guide to Align Your Career With Your Values

With: Mallie Rydzik
Price: $97
Description: Are you feeling completely underwhelmed by your current career? Whether you are looking for a career change or have interest in entrepreneurship, this self-directed, 4-module, multimedia experience will allow you to combine your skills, passions, values, and lifestyle into an ideal job for you.
More Info

Chaos to Clarity

With: Cindi Schultz
Price: Free
Description: Chaos is part of the entrepreneur gig. You don’t need to face it alone. Turn chaos into clarity with this free conversation with Cindi. In business for 11 years I have experienced the highs and lows, all while raising 3 kids and working with an international client base. Use my experience and turn your Chaos into Clarity.
More Info

Class Wrangling e-Course

With: Christen McGee
Price: Free
Description: If you are struggling to keep up with all the awesome online classes you sign up for, the Class Wrangling e-Course will help you set up a system in just 7 days. I take you step by step through the process of creating a list of your classes, deciding how to organize everything related to the classes, and more.
More Info

Content Tamer master class

With: Cindi Schultz
Price: $279
Description: This is a unique course. A combination of personalized attention, self paced work & step by step instruction for you and your team if you have one. You come out of the course with your customized content tamer.
More Info

Crack the Code to Your Professional Brand & Create an Awesome Online Presence

With: Vatsala Shukla
Price: $60
Description: This 6 Module program is based on tools that I use in my Career Coaching Signature Program but meant for self-help seeking professional who want independence in achieving their desired result – creating an awesome brand that reflects their true value and not get branded by others.
More Info

Creative Direction

With: Melissa Burkheimer
Price: $500-$2400
Description: Sometimes you don’t need a full design or marketing overhaul. You just need a creative director to have in your virtual back pocket – someone who can offer high quality design AND quick turnaround without any hidden fees along the way. (Spoiler alert: That talented designer is me!)
More Info

Dive In Lite, Pro or Deep End

With: Crysti Caro
Price: $197, $397 or $697
Description: You get five days of a deep dive into what brought you to wear you are today with your career and your children (or future children), you get to dream up your future. Then we’ll get clear on how to grow at work or start a new path all while staying connected to your kids.
More Info

Fall In Love With Twitter

With: Tena Pettis
Price: $197
Description: Learn the ins + outs, and build a long-lasting awesome relationship with, Twitter! For 21 days you will receive a lesson in your inbox DAILY. You will learn from my experience and I will give you action items to implement, every single day.
More Info

The Getaway Guide

With: Val Geisler
Price: Free
Description: The Getaway Guide is a FREE 3 day training for business owners who need some time off but aren’t sure how to get things setup to make it happen.
More Info

Journal in the New You: 2014 Edition Version 2

With: Kendra Kantor
Price: $18
Description: Over 60 pages and 70 prompts in this PDF, self-paced e-course for creative women. This course is about journaling, diary keeping, photo taking and reflection. This isn’t about goals and resolutions, failures and successes…it’s about living with joy.It’s about learning to live with confidence!
More Info

Life Focus in 7 Days

With: Vatsala Shukla
Price: $45
Description: A step by step program inspired by my coaching clients who seek holistic transformation, will help you gain clarity about what you really want and how to create the mind-set to achieve it with concrete action steps. This 60 page workbook is supplemented with 5 support emails providing further guidance for self-help fans
More Info

Pocket Profits – Run Your Business from Your iPhone

With: Crystal Girgenti
Price: $49
Description: Learn how to use your iPhone so you can run your business on the go, serve your clients, and make money, all while living your life!
More Info

Podcasting School for Women

With: Jessica Kupferman
Price: $497
Description: Quadruple Your Web Traffic, Double Your Business, and Reach More People Than Ever Before Learning to podcast could be the best thing you do for your business this year. It’s not as hard, technical or time preventative as you think! Check out the website and see why a podcast might change your life.
More Info

Rock Your Social

With: Tena Pettis
Price: $297
Description: Your social media needs to be a representation of who YOU are. Our guided social course isn’t a quick download with a ‘see you later’ attached. We’re here to walk you through the process. Monday – Friday for an entire month your assignments are sent to your inbox. There are no crazy hoops to jump through, just open your email.
More Info

Subscribers Who Click

With: Sally Miller
Price: $97
Description: Supercharge your list building and convince subscribers to open, read, and click your emails. Plus a step-by-step process to build your automated sales funnel that works 24/7. NEW BONUS: Includes a personalized website review (value $147).
More Info

Systems Nano Customer Service

With: Jamie DuBose
Price: Starts at $375 per month
Description: Systems Nano Customer Service is the all-inclusive approach to outsourcing your email support inbox. You can unplug with confidence, increase sales & productivity, and reclaim your free time while we create happy customers for you. Get your very own –super affordable– Customer Happiness Specialist for less than $100 per week!
More Info

Unleash Your Life Purpose Hand Analysis

With: Leanne Chesser
Price: $197
Description: Want to build the right business and attract the perfect clients to you? You can do that by building a solid foundation of being your authentic self and knowing and living your life purpose. Discover or clarify your life purpose, life lesson, life school, gifts and personal characteristics through a hand analysis.
More Info


The Debt Manipulator 3.0

With: Amanda L Grossman
Price: $97
Description: If you are stuck in a debt time warp and have big plans for your life, then forget about getting that second or third job and instead get your ticket to the debt freedom FastPASS lane.The Debt Manipulator 3.0 is your “that was easy” hack button, getting you out of debt way sooner than you are currently on track to do using ONLY.
More Info

Health & Beauty

Boost Your Style Esteem

With: Nikki Duckworth
Price: $97
Description: Boost Your Style Esteem is a week long self study course for women whose style has become blah and boring when they are anything but! By the end of the course you’ll: Be ready to usher frump out and the welcome fab in. Know how to style your way out of a rut. Find your style and love your look everyday…for real.
More Info

Closet Clarity

With: Alexandra Greenwalt
Price: $150
Description: Closet Clarity: Edit your wardrobe in 8 easy steps. Do you have a crazy overwhelming closet but feel like you have nothing to wear? From closet chaos to clarity with ease!
More Info

From Burnout To Bliss

With: Rachael Roehmholdt
Price: $47
Description: From Burnout To Bliss is the revolutionary step-by-step online course designed for at-home mamas to rid your guilt, leverage your time, and put yourself at the top of your priority list – so you can get back to being a stress-free, healthy, and blissful mama.
More Info

From Doritos to Kale Chips

With: Connie Trowbridge
Price: $24.95
Description: From Doritos to Kale Chips is a BEASTLY resource on health and wellness. This ebook provides you with everything you could possibly need to go from sickly to healthy, from uninformed to wellness pro. More than just a food guide, it’s a lifestyle makeover, a health transformation, a second chance.
More Info

The Mamamorphosis Council

With: Lauren Nenna
Price: first month $1.00 then $9.99 per month
Description: The Mamamorphosis Council is a virtual wellness program createdfor the on the go mom. It’s as simple as a certified health coach assigning you a simple monthly feel good mission and you work at it – daily for the month. It’s a great way to develop one healthy habit each month. Bonus – home and self care missions each month!
More Info

Revamp your life 4-week E-course

With: Connie Trowbridge
Price: $95
Description: As we transition through the stages of our lives, there are 4 main areas that the majority of people continue to try to improve. This E-Course will help assist you in these key issues. Best part? You don’t have to do this alone. I am here to help you become the person you want to be and achieve the most optimal life balance.
More Info

Xen Strength 28 Day Love Your Asana Program

With: Danielle Diamond
Price: $149
Description: 28 Days to: A tighter body, a positive attitude, and more energy than you’ve ever had! You’ll have access to 24 videos to get flexible and strong, meal plans, lifestyle tips, and guided meditations- with access for LIFE- for less than the cost of one month at the gym.
More Info

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