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Online Resource Roundup: March 2016

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This month we’re shining the spotlight on …


Clueless in the Kitchen

With: Sue Ann Gleason
Price: $397
Description: This course was designed for women with a sense of humor and a genuine desire to elevate their kitchen experience, or, at the very least, their culinary curiosity. We’ll talk flavor balancing, kitchen tools and tricks, methods and madness and so much more! Six weeks of kitchen bliss led by a food lover and chocolate aficionado.
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Join by: March 19, 2016


Business Growth & Personal Development Network

With: Karen Lang
Price: Free
Description: Are you a health care professional – acupuncturist, chiropractor, functional medicine & naturopathic doctor? Are you a licensed health coach, an integrative nutritionist, dietitian looking to reach your ideal clients? Introducing, a searchable network where consumers can search & connect with YOU.
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Join by: March 20, 2016

Motivation for March

With: Shakima Martinez
Price: Free
Description: Let’s be honest…have your 2016 business goals lost their initial steam? It’s totally okay to admit that you got sidetracked, but now is the time to refocus and conquer by declaring your #MotivationForMarch! Take part in this month long group experience designed to bring your business greater clarity, support & inspired ACTION.
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Join by: March 31, 2016

Health & Beauty

The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout DVD

With: Suzanne Caesar
Price: $19.95
Description: Endorsed by the March of Dimes, this workout DVD combines a fun and funky mix of stretching, yoga, Latin Belly Dance fusion and relaxing guided meditation. This workout will leave you feeling rejuvenated, connected to baby and downright sexy! Also fun for new moms to ease back into post baby shape. FREE shipping through March.
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Join by: March 31, 2016

Soul Work & Creativity

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

With: Paulette Rees-Denis
Price: $165
Description: An eight week dance, movement and word online course, starting March 20th. Would you like to feel more alive in your body and your heart? Let’s celebrate your inner and outer passions and desires. Join me with while we gather, share, listen, write, dance, workout, and gain clarity about feeling great in our bodies and hearts.
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Join by: March 20, 2016


Business Growth & Personal Development

5 things you need to work on before jumping into business

With: Vatsala Shukla
Price: $18
Description: Want to quit you job and go into business? In this workbook, I will help you to think more about your plan and consider 5 tough areas so that you transition from employee to business person with clarity and focus and understand what you next step should be to Project Independent Business.
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7 Strategies For Starting Your Own Business

With: Flesche Hesch
Price: Free
Description: You are a Mom and you have a dream: You want to get paid to stay home and be more available to your kids. Do it! Learn 7 simple strategies for launching your own business with what you already know. It is easier than you think. Get the free workbook to start now.
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50 Attributes you need to be a successful business person

With: Vatsala Shukla
Price: Free
Description: This business readiness assessment has been created especially for career professionals who have decided that they want to hang up their corporate running shoes and enter the world of self-employment. A simple self-assessment that will help you gauge if you are really ready or need to do some more work before making the shift.
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Business Love Boat

With: Cigdem Kobu
Price: $247
Description: The Business Love Boat is a 30-day intensive program that walks you through 30 different ways of improving (and empowering) your solopreneur business. You’re going to come back from this guided journey with many ‘aha!’ moments and a unique road map for making your business easeful and sustainably profitable.
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Dance and Desire

With: Paulette Rees-Denis
Price: Free
Description: Our free online gathering place of a like-minded tribe for women only, of women who want to dance with life, move and share, who need support, who wish to dive in, who want to shine, to desire to honor their bodies, who want to be accepted as they are, or who want to make some changes that feel important to their heart and soul!
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Hit the Mic Backstage

With: Stacey Harris
Price: $25/Month $250/Year
Description: Hit the Mic Backstage is a virtual library of trainings supported by weekly coaching in a private Facebook group. Jump in today for trainings like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, getting started with video, podcasting and even Google Analytics.
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Marketing Basics for Educators

With: Aurora Meyer
Price: $25
Description: This course will give you the confidence to apply your current skills and convert your classroom teaching experience (which is really selling when it comes down to it) into growing your business. Over the five lessons you will learn the basics of marketing your product including homework assignments to move you along …
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Posts With Purpose

With: Parrish Wilson
Price: Free
Description: In this 15 minute video training you will learn the 4 elements you must have in every post and how to put them together to inspire readers to connect and take action. This is how you write posts that make the impact you’re meant to make in this world.
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Quiz: Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges?

With: Vatsala Shukla
Price: Free
Description: How do you feel about changes in your life, career or business? More importantly, how do you handle change? You can learn more about your approach to change as well how to cope with my simple quiz Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges? based on the modern fable Who Moved My Cheese by Stuart Johnson MD. Try it!
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Quick Start Money Program

With: Kelly Christian
Price: $497 – $1597
Description: The Quick Start Money Program is a personalized action plan that will get you making smart decisions about your money instead of just shooting in the dark. We will get your business up and running (and incredibly organized) with your own personalize, step by step, DIY money management system.
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Health & Beauty

28 day Love Your Asana Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition Program

With: Danielle Diamond
Price: $149
Description: Ready to Crush Your Spring Wellness Resolutions? Each day is mapped out with workout and nutrition guidelines, plus easy mindfulness and lifestyle tips to implement, which will help create lasting change. To keep your workouts fresh I give you a wide variety of fitness videos designed to get you fit in less than a month
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All-Season Community Dump

With: Sara Bradford
Price: Free
Description: Here we make food cleanses MORE fun and LESS painful. Jump in on a mini version. Includes delicious (yet easy) recipes, a full meal plan and shopping list, a step-by-step guide, gorgeous daily emails to pump you through the process, access to a pro culinary nutritionist, a community of amazing people
More Info

The Pantry Solution

With: Anastasia Hendryanto
Price: Free
Description: You can prepare a delicious and nutritious meal even when there appears to be no food in the house. There is a simple solution. Receive a printable Pantry Solution “cheat sheet” and 4 of my “go to” dinner recipes. Easy meal solutions for busy mamas. Never be caught unprepared again!
More Info

Smart Snack Guide for Healthy Families

With: Anastasia Hendryanto
Price: Free
Description: In a snack rut? So many Moms are unhappy with their family’s reliance on processed snack food and are concerned about the amount of sugar their family is eating. Get delicious simple snack ideas and easy recipes to fuel yourself and your family.
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Life & Relationships

The Happiness Habit: 21 Days from Blah to Blissed Out

With: Michelle DeSpain
Price: $99 with the code: JewelsBranch
Description: Imagine this: 21 days of soul-scintillating, happiness habit-forming activities that will sprinkle some sparkle back into your life. Ooh. Ahh. Goodbye, blah. Hello, blissed out!
More Info

The Ex-Boyfriend Detox Cleanse Him from Your Heart, Soul and Psyche in 21 Days or Less

With: Michelle DeSpain
Price: $99 with the code: JewelsBranch
Description: This one’s dedicated to the brokenhearted. 21 days of gentle, holistic practices that will soothe your soul, mend your heart, and restore your mind. There’s no place like hope.
More Info

Soul Work & Creativity

Daily Dance

With: Erica Ross
Price: $35
Description: Daily Dance is an online, ‘evergreen’, 21-day ecstatic dance program, delivered straight to your inbox, based on my women’s award-winning ecstatic dance practice, Dance Our Way Home. Each day offers a special and unique invitation for one dance, a demo video, song track, and additional inspiration and playlist.
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Dream*Do*Repeat : 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Dream board

With: Shannon Caldwell
Price: $12
Description: Boost your manifesting powers by creating a visual representation of your hopes, dreams and wishes–AKA a dream board. In this bundle, you’ll receive a PDF that provides step-by-step instruction for creating a physical or virtual dream board. Then amp up your manifesting mojo with an audio guided meditation.
More Info

Homecoming: Take a Delightful Journey Back Home to Your Innermost Self

With: Cigdem Kobu
Price: $97
Description: Homecoming is a self-paced 3-week unique program that offers women an intimate experience of truth telling, soul-searching, self-exploration, contemplation, and transformation through reading, writing, storytelling, literature, and creative journaling around the central metaphor of “home.”
More Info

The Inky Path Writers Community

With: Cigdem Kobu and Jena Schwartz
Price: $81/quarterly OR $270/annually
Description: The Inky Path Writers Community is an inspiring, cozy, supportive online community where you can develop and maintain the writing practice you’ve always wanted no matter your background or genre, hone your craft through weekly events and connect with other writers and enjoy writing together whether you want to publish or not.
More Info

The Mini Jumpstart To YOU Experience

With: Linda Ogier
Price: Free
Description: Can you hear the subtle whispers telling you there’s something more? You’re something more? The Mini Jumpstart To ‘YOU’ Experience is a 5 day, mini email course to spark your inner wisdom, amplify your self awareness, and stir your seeds of hope into full bloom. Your moment has arrived…
More Info

The Playground

With: Sierra Koch
Price: $150/year
Description: Are you looking for fun Reiki resources? Want a deeper connection with Reiki? How about your intuition? Chakras? Ready to immerse yourself in playfulness and love? Ready to empower yourself and do what you’ve dreamed of? If any of these questions triggered a hell yes! Then The Playground is for you!
More Info

Tarot & Tea

With: Jacqueline Fairbrass
Price: $85, $33 and $0
Description: Sparkle Up Your Life Angel Tarot Card Reading. I invite you to join me for Tarot & Tea. Tarot is a practical tool for bringing more joy and clarity into your life. Tarot & Tea will help you to: Fill your heart with love. Bless your body. Live in radiant health. Find the joy and happiness you deserve.
More Info

A Year With Myself

With: Cigdem Kobu
Price: $497 (OR $107 x 5 months)
Description: A Year With Myself is a yearlong transformational journaling program for creative women who want to reinvent their lives from the inside out. Co-created with 102 experts including Patti Digh, Jen Louden and Tara Mohr, it includes 6 classes on 6 core areas of life, 52 thematic modules, 100 interviews, and 250+ original exercises.
More Info

Writing the Womb: Myth, Metaphor, Embodied Knowing, and Liberating Your Stories

With: Cigdem Kobu & Jena Schwartz
Price: $149
Description: Created by writer and activist Isabel Abbott as an Inky Path Master Class, “Writing the Womb: Myth, Metaphor, Embodied Knowing, and Liberating Your Stories” is a process writing course for women at every stage in the creative cycle. Its aim is to help women free their voices, express their creativity and tell their stories..
More Info

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Where to Find Free Stock Photos: 36 Sites

The number of sites offering beautiful, free photos for you to legally* use in your business branding, marketing, and blogging projects just keeps on growing! Hurray … the more resources the merrier, I say, because it means better visual communication for everyone!

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Watch the resource slideshow or view as a list below. Grab the printable version of the list to keep this info close at hand (you’ll also get a series of tips on how to make searching for stock photos easier)!

1. Compfight


Compfight helps you search the photo sharing site flickr for images that are available for commercial use and licensed through Creative Commons. Always check licenses and attribution requirements. Photo Credit: gertrudster via Compfight CC

1. Compfight


Compfight helps you search the photo sharing site flickr for images that are available for commercial use and licensed through Creative Commons. Always check licenses and attribution requirements. Photo Credit: gertrudster via Compfight CC

2. Crow the Stone


Crow the Stone no longer offers photos.

3. Death to the Stock Photo


Death to the Stock Photo offers free monthly packs of images from photographers Allie and David. Bonus packs and extended access available for $10/month.

4. Foodie’s Feed


Foodie’s Feed offers free, high resolution food photos. Yummy!

5. Foter


Foter helps you search for free Creative Commons images from several online sources. Always check licenses and attribution requirements. Photo credit: mysza831 / Foter / CC BY 2.0

6. Free Images


Free Images offers a gallery of more than 350,000 stock photos.

7. Free Pixels


Free Pixels offers more than 5,000 images. Photo credit: Free Pixels

8. Free Range Stock


Free Range Stock offers high-resolution stock photos and textures.

9. Fresh


Fresh is no longer offered.

10. GetRefe


GetRefe Free offers high-quality images of people interacting with technology (free and for purchase).

11. Gratisography


Gratisography offers free high-resolution photos by abstract artist and designer Ryan McGuire.

12. IM Free


IM Free offers a curated collection of images, icons, templates, buttons. Photo credit:

13. ISO Republic


ISO Republic offers high-resolution images.

14. Jay Mantri


Jay Mantri offers free photos to use as you wish.

15. Life of Pix


Life of Pix offers high-resolution public domain photos created by Leeroy Advertising Agency to use as you wish.

16. Little Visuals


Little Visuals offers 7 high-resolution images per week to use as you wish (no longer updated).

17. Magdeleine


Magdeleine offers a curated collection of Creative Commons licensed images. Some require attribution.

18. Morgue File


Morgue File offers high-resolution stock photos for your illustration, comp or design needs.

19. Moveast


Moveast offers photos from the journey of a Portuguese guy moving east to use as you wish.

20. New Old Stock


New Old Stock offers vintage photos from the public archives. Free of known copyright restrictions.

21. The Pattern Library


The Pattern Library compiles patterns shared by designers for you to use freely in your own designs.

22. Pexels


Pexels offers a curated collection of Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensed images.

23. Photogen


Photogen offers high-resolution stock photos.

24. Picjumbo


Picjumbo offers totally free photos for your commercial and personal use. Premium packs available for $6/month.

25. Pickup Image


Pickup Image offers free stock images and public domain photos.

26. Picography


Picography offers high-resolution Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 licensed photos.

27. Pixabay


Pixabay offers more than 310,000 public domain photos, vectors and art illustrations.

28. Public Domain Archive


Public Domain Archive offers a public domain image repository. Premium membership available for $10/month.

29. Raumrot


Raumrot offers 544 handpicked hi-resolution stockphotos for personal and commercial projects. Photo Credit: Markus Spiske / / CC-BY 2.0

30. RGB Stock


RGB Stock offers more than 100,000 stock photos.

31. Split Shire


Split Shire offers photos by Italian photographer and web/graphic designer Daniel Nanescu.

32. Startup Stock


Startup Stock offers free “start-up” focused photos by Iowa City-based social media marketing agency, Sculpt.

33. The Stocks


The Stocks compiles several of the sites on this list into on one site for easier searching.

34. Super Famous


Super Famous offers images by Folkert Gorter CC 3.0 license.

35. Travel Coffee Book


Travel Coffee Book offers travel photos via CC0 license.

36. Unsplash

Unsplash offers free high-resolution photos via CC0 1.0 license.


Get photos from these free stock photo resources in your Twitter stream by following my list of sites here.

*Be legal: always check usage licenses! These sites offer free images for commercial (for your business) use. Exact licenses and attribution requirements vary by site and sometimes by image, and are subject to change, so always check usage licenses! Make sure what you plan to do with the photo is within the license granted and that you attribute (give credit) as required.