Designing E-Book Covers

You’ve written an awesome book and now it’s time to make a cover to match. Your cover sets the visual tone for your e-book and tells potential readers “This book is for you.” Learn what a good cover should accomplish, how to find and understand the technical specification of various e-book delivery services, how to create beautiful e-book covers in Photoshop, and how to make 3-dimensional book cover promo images. Includes easy-to-use templates to get you started.

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  1. Finding Inspiration For Your E-Book Cover

    It’s time to gather inspiration for your e-book cover design journey! Before you start designing you’ll learn eight things strong cover designs accomplish, explore the three most common book cover design styles, and find inspiration for your e-book cover.

  2. E-book Cover Technical Details

    Learn why setting up your files to the publishers specs from the beginning is key to quality covers in the marketplace, and learn how to find and understand the technical specification of various e-book delivery services.

  3. E-Book Cover Design Best Practices

    Learn the big picture design considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when you are creating your e-book cover: how your readers experience your cover for the first time, why size matters, how to make a lasting impression, and three e-book cover best practices to follow.

  4. Choosing Images for Your Cover

    Whether your cover includes a photo, collage, illustration, or typography, your visuals should convey the message of your book and help your cover stand out in a crowded marketplace. In this lesson you will learn how to evaluate the types of images that will best convey the message of your book, how to find images that meet the technical specifications for your publishers, and you’ll use the provided image resources to begin collecting images to test drive on your cover.

  5. Choosing Typography for Your E-book Cover

    In this lesson you will learn how to evaluate the types of fonts that will best convey the message of your book and be readable. Then, you’ll use the provided typography resources to find fonts for your cover, and test drive these fonts live with your book title.

  6. Designing Your E-Book Cover From a Template

    Start the design process in Photoshop with pre-made templates, learn how to add your own colors, fonts, and images to the provided templates, how to test readability and adjust your cover.

  7. Designing Your E-Book Cover From Scratch

    In this lesson you’ll be designing an e-book cover image from scratch in Photoshop and learning how to test your cover for readability and impact.

  8. Finalizing and Saving Your E-Book Cover

    In this lesson you’ll honestly evaluate your cover, make final tweaks to the design, and learn how to save to your publisher’s specifications.

  9. Making 3-Dimensional E-Book Cover Images

    In this lesson you will learn how to make 3-dimensional e-book covers in Photoshop so you can promote your e-book in style.

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