Designing Facebook Graphics

In this course you’ll learn how to design on-brand graphics for your business page on Facebook. You’ll style the cover photo, profile image, and app icon graphics to match your brand and Facebook’s guidelines, and learn how to save your graphics and upload them to Facebook. Includes templates set to Facebook’s dimension requirements to get you started.

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  1. Finding Inspiration for Your Facebook Page

    Find inspiration for designing your Facebook page graphics. Learn what the graphics on your business page should do for your brand, how other businesses are using their Facebook graphics to promote their brands, and what materials you need to gather to get started designing your Facebook page.

  2. Facebook Page Graphics Best Practices

    Learn the dimensions, file formats and files size specifications for your profile, cover, and app icon graphics so you can create Facebook graphics that shine. Learn Facebook’s cover photo guidelines.

  3. Facebook Profile Image Design

    Learn how to design this most often seen part of your Facebook business page. Explore the different styles of profile images other businesses are using and learn Facebook’s size and dimension requirements.

  4. Facebook Cover Image Design

    Learn how to create an on-brand Facebook cover image for your business page. Learn what content you can and cannot include in your Facebook cover image. Learn how to strategically choose what to feature on your cover image. Template set to Facebook’s specifications is included to get you started.

  5. Facebook App Icon Design

    Learn how to design on-brand app icons for your Facebook business page that clearly convey their message, even at small sizes. Template set to Facebook’s specifications is included to get you started.

  6. Test Drive Your Facebook Graphics

    See how your graphics work together before you upload the final images to your Facebook profile. This will help you make your Facebook page work together as a whole and allow you to see where any adjustments and tweaks need to be made.

  7. Upload Your Facebook Graphics

    Time to put your Facebook graphics live on your page. Learn how to upload your profile image, cover image, and app icons.

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