Designing Twitter Graphics

Learn how to design on-brand graphics for your Twitter profile. Style the background, avatar, and header images to match your brand. Learn how to save your graphics and upload them to Twitter. Learn how to customize link colors. Includes templates set to Twitter background, avatar, and header sizes to get you started.

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  1. Finding Inspiration for Twitter Graphics

    It’s time to brand your Twitter profile! In this lesson you will find inspiration for your Twitter profile design and gather your brand materials.

  2. Twitter Profile Design Best Practices

    Learn the dimensions, file formats and files size specifications for your avatar, header and background graphics so you can create Twitter graphics that shine.

  3. Twitter Avatar Design

    Find inspiration for your avatar image (user photo), learn why your avatar needs to look good at small sizes, and learn how to design to meet Twitter specifications. Includes a template set to Twitter’s avatar dimensions to get you started.

  4. Twitter Branding Quick Start

    Quickly brand your profile using Twitter’s design tools. Your profile will look stylish while you’re finishing this course and the custom design of your header and background graphics.

  5. Twitter Header Design

    Design a custom header image for your Twitter profile. Choose a header style that works for your brand, and learn how to design to meet Twitter’s header specifications.

  6. Twitter Background Design

    Customize your Twitter background to match your brand. Learn the design considerations and limitations of the background image. Template provided to get you started.

  7. Test Drive Your Twitter Graphics

    See how your graphics work together before you upload the final images to your Twitter profile. This will let you see where any adjustments and tweaks need to be made.

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