Opt-in Brilliance


Design your opt-in freebie in Canva. Brainstorm topics. Write content. Design by customizing Canva’s templates to fit your brand for speedier design. Learn how to design 3-d promo images.

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  1. Welcome to Opt-in Brilliance

    All the information you need to get started!

  2. Brainstorm Opt-in Topics

    Find the connections between what your potential clients need help accomplishing and your expertise, so you can help them solve their problems.

  3. Outline Your Opt-in

    Make an outline of your opt-in content.

  4. Decide Opt-in Format

    Decide how you can present this information in a way that matches your brand personality and feels like a perfect for your ideal client.

  5. Write Your Opt-in

    Start writing your opt-in content: titles, subtitles, intro page, main content, and about you/contact page, adding in entry point to make design a breeze.

  6. Gather Your Brand Style Guide

    Gather up the brand information you’ll need to create an on-brand opt-in in Canva: logos, color specs, and more.

  7. Canva Quick Start

    Quick intro to Canva.

  8. Edit Your Content

    Edit your opt-in content for readability, design, brand consistency, spelling, grammar, and more.

  9. Make Your Opt-in Mood Boards

    Make mood boards for inspiration as you design your opt-in..

  10. Design Your Cover From a Template

    Design your opt-in cover starting with one of Canva’s pre made templates.

  11. Design Your Cover from Scratch

    Design your opt-in cover from scratch with Canva design elements.

  12. Design Your Interior Pages from a Template

    Start designing your opt-in interior pages using Canva’s pre-made templates.

  13. Design Your Interior Pages from Scratch

    Start designing your opt-in interior pages from scratch with Canva design elements.

  14. Add and Adjust Interior Pages

    Tips for adding and adjusting more interior pages to your opt-in.

  15. Finish Your Opt-in

    Give your opt-in a final review before saving and sharing with the world

  16. Promote Your Opt-in

    Design promotional graphics and make a promotional plan for your opt-in.

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