Pixlr Basics for Online Business

Learn the basic Pixlr skills you need for your online business. Pixlr Editor is a free photo editing app. You can edit photos, create graphics all in your browser window. When you’re done with this course you’ll have a firm grasp of all that Pixlr offers and be ready to jump into specific branding projects with confidence. We’ll cover: the Pixlr user interface, menus and tools; file formats, sizing, and resolution; how to work with layers and type; how to save your files for use on the web, and more. Includes: 2 hours of video tutorials and practice files.

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  1. Interface

    Get your feet wet with a broad overview of Pixlr’s user interface including location of tools, menus, and panels.

  2. New Document

    Learn how to create a new Pixlr documents so you can start creating.

  3. Open Files

    Learn how to open image files in Pixlr and start creating.

  4. Navigate

    Learn how to move around in and between Pixlr documents using the zoom tool, hand tool, and navigator panel.

  5. File Formats

    Learn about image resolution and file formats.

  6. Color Picker

    Learn how to use Pixlr’s color interfaces: color picker, color panel, and eyedropper tool to select and choose colors for your branding projects.

  7. Layers

    Learn all about the power of using layers: how to work with background layers; add, reorder, and delete layers; combine multiple images into one file; use layer effects; and how to save files to preserve layers.

  8. Cropping

    Learn how to undo and redo changes you’ve made to an image, use the history panel, and use the crop tool.

  9. Transform

    Learn how to use transform options to edit your images: rotate, scale, and skew.

  10. Selection Tools

    Learn how to select parts of your images for editing with the marquee, lasso, and magic wand tools and create layer masks.

  11. Adjustments

    Learn how to adjust layers in your Pixlr documents to create artistic effects like sepia tones, black and white photos and more.

  12. Filters

    Learn how to use filters to soften images, add noise and textures and other special effects.

  13. Typography

    Learn how to work with typography in Pixlr using the type tool.

  14. Brushes

    Learn how to use brushes, edit their characteristics, and explore Pixlr’s brush presets.

  15. Gradients

    Learn how to edit and use gradients.

  16. Shapes

    Learn how to use Pixlr’s shape tools to create: rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, and lines.

  17. Play

    Practice all the skills you’ve learned in Pixlr Basics for Online Business.

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