Polish Your Online Brand

Day 7

Bringing it All Together

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve spent a week building a solid brand foundation!

psst … if you haven’t made it through all the materials yet, keep going! Give it that little extra push, a few more hours of your time this week….Your brand and business will thank you!

Bringing it all together:

  1. Make sure to gather up all your answers from into one doc. This is your brand guidebook. When things start to feel shaky in your business go back and read through your answers. When you have to make an important business decision go back and read through your answers. They will remind you who you are at the core, what you value, how you help others, and how you stand out from the competition.
  2. This guidebook, along with your mood board, sets you up with a really solid foundation to continue on with your brand journey.

What to do next:

  • You can take these materials and hand them off to a designer to create a logo and brand style guide for your business.
  • You can use these materials to evaluate your current visual branding to see what tweaks it might be needed and make a plan to get those done.
  • You can keep working with me and design your own website or have me design one for you.

If you’re getting great results from this challenge, and want to continue working to refine your branding and translate your mood board into a logo, website and more, with lots of support from me, I’d love to have you join The Brand Workshop.

The Brand Workshop is an intimate group branding and website building program. You’ll receive lots of attention and support from me as you continue working on your brand, design your own logo, write your website, and design your own site in Divi. There’s even a done-for-you option if you’re not a diy-er.

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