2 Free Tools to Help You Identify Fonts

End Font Identification Frustration

Ever find a font you love and then spend hours trying to figure out what it is, only to end up frustrated? Me, too!

There are so many fonts out in the world and more and more being created as you read this! Even the nerdiest of font lovers can get stumped and spend hours trying to identify fonts.

Here are two free tools I use when I’m having trouble identifying fonts.

1) What The Font!

You can upload an image of the font, or link to an image of the font, and What The Font! will check the image against their database of fonts and show you possible matches. If that doesn’t help, you can also upload your image to their forum where super font nerds will help you out.


2) Identifont

Identifont asks you a series of questions about the font’s characteristics to narrow down the possibilities. They also have a lot of other great font searching options to help you locate where to buy fonts, if you already know the font name, and find similar fonts.


Sometimes even with professional font help, some fonts remain hard to identify. You might have to give up on finding that one specific font. When that happens, think about what you’re trying to convey with your font and start looking for fonts that feel that way to you. Check out MyFonts and Font Squirrel for inspiration.