Jewels Branch Showcase: Andrea Martin

Jewels Branch Showcases feature work created by members of Jewels Branch‘s creative community.

5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Diet & Sap Your Radiance


Health coach Andrea Martin helps women break free of chronic dieting and emotional eating so they can enjoy food, love themselves, lose weight naturally, and unleash their radiance.

She used the design and software skills she learned during Opt-in Brilliance, plus her health coaching expertise, to create a new opt-in freebie that matches perfectly with her website design.

Andrea says, “Thank you so much for your Opt-In Brilliance Course. I love Canva and cannot believe that I got this finished and that I love how it turned out.”

Learn more about Andrea and get her 5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Diet & Sap Your Radiance ebook here.

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Canva Text Overlays

Canva Text Effects Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial to show you how to add text overlays (like the “Let it Go!” on this photo) to images in Canva.

You can use this effect for blog post images, quotables, and more.

Here’s how to do the same kind of transparent text effect in Photoshop, Pixlr Express, PicMonkey, and Photoshop Elements.

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