3 Sites that Make Color Palettes from Photos

Stand Out

Want to make a cute pinnable or quotable for your Facebook page that really stands out? Having a color palette that matches your photo or graphic is one way to make it all come together in a cohesive way.

Identify Your Colors

Here are three sites that will help you identify colors in your image so you can use them to create a totally together image.
CSS Drive Color Palette Generator

How To

At each site you simply upload your photo and you’ll get #hex codes for a matching color palette. Then you can use those color codes in PicMonkey, Photoshop, or other photo editing software to create beautiful color coordinated graphics.

Take a Look

I’m starting with the following photo. In a future blog post I’ll add a quote and some other elements to this photo and use the colors palettes from the sites below to tie it all together.



CSS Drive Color Palette Generator

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