Polish Your Online Brand

Day 6

Setting the Mood

Download today's questions in PDF format here:

Answer these questions in your branding doc.
Share any answers you’d like to share in the Facebook group.

Q1: How do you want your business to feel to your ideal clients? (choose adjectives from the list in the worksheet, or write your own description)

Q2: What does that feeling look like visually to you? To help you uncover that, create a mood board for your brand.

  1. Start a Pinterest board to gather your brand inspiration (You can make this board private if you don’t want to share it with the world.) Get a Pinterest account here: http://www.pinterest.com if you don’t have one!
  2. Add Pinterest’s “Pin It” button or bookmarklet to your browser. http://about.pinterest.com/en/goodies If you have a smart phone get the Pinterest app. (This will make pinning faster and make it easy to pin your own photos!)
  3. Pin based on feelings! Go with your gut: pin or bookmark anything and everything that speaks to you. Don’t question why, just notice and gather.
    • Pin anything that express your personal values (from Day 2)
    • Pin anything that captures the way you want your brand to feel to your ideal clients. (Use the adjectives from Q1 to search pinterest or stock photos sites)
    • Pin color combos, fonts, textures, patterns, photos, design elements that convey how you want your brand to feel. See Day 5 for more info on how to convey mood with colors, fonts, and images.
  4. Look for inspiration in the world right around you: in your home, on your current Pinterest boards, in the environment that you experience daily (your city, signs, buildings, scenery, billboards, products, stores, etc.).
  5. Consider your audience: where would they find inspiration in each of the categories?
  6. Continue to refine: Even after this week is over, continue to add to, and take away from, your board as you find new inspiration and as your business evolves.

Share your mood board in our Facebook group for feedback.

Post your questions and answers and get feedback as you work through this process in our Facebook group.