Women Branching Out: Ursa Swensen

Ursa SwensenVery happy to feature Ursa Swensen of One Radiant Life.

Ursa is a women’s wellness educator and equine-facilitated coach. Her passion is to empower women to live their very own One Radiant Life – to learn about themselves and their bodies, to nourish and heal, and bring their own unique gifts and talents to shine brightly in this world!

Tell us about your business, One Radiant Life. What do you do, who do you love to serve?

I help to empower women to live their own best lives – to be their true, radiant selves. Deep inside, we all have this longing, and the ability, to be whole, to be joy-filled, and to love ourselves and others deeply. But, sometimes life happens, and we are cut off from that part of ourselves, and we become numb and just go through the motions, day after day, rather than shining our true lights in the world. I have gone through this myself, and have learned tools of healing that I want to share with women.

I love to serve women who have gone through difficult life experiences, as well as mamas who have given themselves over to their children, and are ready to reclaim their own brilliance. I am excited to bring this work to tween and teen girls – to give them skills to help navigate the way, to discover who they truly are.

There are many facets of the work – teaching women to truly love themselves deeply so they have greater, deeper reservoirs from which to serve others. Learning how to profoundly listen, respect, and care for their bodies. Overcoming past challenges and limiting beliefs that are blocking their truest expressions of themselves.

I offer classes and workshops locally and virtually to help women to develop new ways of being that bring great peace and calm into their everyday lives, to deeply nourish themselves, find their true path and live their own, unique radiant life!

What’s the biggest myth women (moms in particular) believe about self-care?

That it costs money and that they don’t have time. And these are two limiting beliefs that are common for women and moms. But, there are many, many ways to truly care for ourselves without spending money, and that don’t take a lot of time, but the little bit of time that is needed is an investment that will grow exponentially. A few of these tools can be breathing exercises, drinking enough water, journaling, and spending time in nature.

What’s your favorite technique for calming yourself down when you’re in a stressful situation?

Simply breathing deeply and evenly, and being present in the moment. Breathing deeply into the lower lobes of our lungs actually sends signals to our brain that tell our limbic brain that everything is OK, and turns on the ‘calm switch’ (which therefore, turns off the ‘stress switch’ – only one can be on at a time). So breathing in for a slow count of six, and out for a slow count of six is a great way to calm yourself. Breathing also helps bring us into the present moment – because so much of our thought life is about what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future, but the present is where the calm is.

How has having your own business empowered you?

It has been a path of incredible personal growth – to really look inside myself to ask “Who am I?”, besides a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend. What really lights me up and excites me? What do I love to do? How do I enjoy spending my free time? Could I really create a business that I love to work on and in? That not only supports me personally, but contributes to our family’s wellbeing and stability as well? That is a win-win-win paradigm? For my audience and clients, for myself, and for my family, as well as the ripples that this work creates in the lives of all those that it touches? As women experience this work, it will naturally create ripples inside their own families and communities.

You’re training to offer equine-facilitated coaching. What’s special about coaching alongside horses?

I’m so glad you asked! I’m learning that horses are incredible teachers, they can tell us so much about ourselves – whether we’re being honest, where we’re hurting, what our true beliefs are, how to be present in the moment and much more – if we know how to listen. They are truly the coach, and we just serve as interpreters, to give the horse a voice. This work has been truly healing for me, and allowed me to overcome many blocks and beliefs that I had about myself. I’m excited to share this experience with others – there are so many powerful ways we can use horses as teachers and healers.

What change do you want to bring in the world as a result of your work?

I want all women to know how powerful and brilliant they are, that they can make a huge difference in the world, whether they are staying at home with their children, or running their own business, or both! It starts with deeply, profoundly loving ourselves, so that we can shine our unique lights brightly in the world.

What did 7 year old Ursa say she wanted to be when she grew up?

Good question … I remember pretending to teach! And then in college I took the ‘safe road’ – business & computers, so that I would be able to earn enough money to support myself well (financially at least – not emotionally). I told myself that since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I could always make a change later, but that this choice would be safe, and I would be able to be financially independent – to not have to rely on a man to provide for me. Since we had children, I’ve been on a natural health journey – learning so much about how our bodies were designed, and how many options we have, rather than following the ‘norm’.

Now, twenty three years after my college graduation and three children later, I am finally teaching – and, amazingly, a subject that I am passionate about – health, wellness and purpose. Interestingly, twenty-three years ago, I had no concept of this work, nor do I know if I would have even been interested at the time. I truly believe it is the fusion of our experiences, passions, skills, and abilities that leads us on the truest path.

Finish this sentence. I believe …

That each woman has her own diamond of brilliance within her – that she has her own unique path to discover and live her own radiant life. That women are truly at the heart of families – and when she is living in her strengths and has great passion in her life, that will spread and deeply impact all those around her – her spouse, her children, friends, co-workers. And this will inspire those around her to – to discover and pursue their own radiant lives!

Centered CircleUrsa Swensen has been transitioning to more natural/holistic living over the last ten years, as a wife, mama to three girls (ranging from teenager to preschooler), and now a growing hobby farm in Wisconsin that includes chickens and horses. Think: homeschooling, herbs, natural remedies, homesteading, and all varieties of do-it-yourself projects!

She offers Centered Circle, an ongoing monthly class, to help women deeply integrate the many, many ways of calming ourselves into our lives.