Blog Post Fairies

I’ve been sitting around waiting for a blog post fairy to shine her light down on me and give me a bunch of freaking awesome posts.

October, November, December, January and February went by and she didn’t come. She saw my lack of effort and responded accordingly.

I don’t know how it works for you, but my fairy demands ACTION. She wants to know that I want something bad enough to try to get it on my own, without her help.

Even if I really suck. Even if I’m not perfect.

In the end it was fear that motivated me.

I was afraid that if I kept waiting for the world’s best blog post to magically appear, that I’d never write anything. That my blog would stay silent.

So, I challenged myself to write 23 blog posts in March (this is #12) and I shared my goal with someone who knows a lot about pushing others to reach their goals, my friend Jenn Morgan.

On March 1st, Jenn checked in with me.

“I have a few good starts,” I said. “If I can just get out of my way enough to do it.”

That’s exactly what all the good blog fairies are hoping for. They want us to get out of our own way and do the things we really want to do.

Then they can throw in the magic when we aren’t even looking.