Brand and Be Seen: App Developer

Brand and Be Seen is a series of blog posts offering brand style guides for fictional brands to inspire you to create your own beautiful brand. Feel free to use the font combinations and color palettes as you wish. Happy branding!


About the Brand

Annie Hirvi is an app developer for entrepreneurs. She has a thing for neon colors, geometric patterns, high top Converse, and coding. Her clients choose her because she consistently delivers apps that sail through apps store approvals and get downloaded and used by their clients.


Logo: Zambajoun
Tagline: Exo
Colors: #2ddfea, #fd893b, #f5424c, #ea3333, #5f4c86, #18b89e
Blended Texture: custom designed in Photoshop, search for “geometric” on Creative Market (affiliate link).

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  1. Love this one, Christie!!

    I always get inspiration from these posts.