Dear Universe

Thank you for your kindness and generosity over the years! Especially the gift of my daughters.

I have a very special request that I need your help with. So here goes…Please help me find awesome online business ladies and gentlemen who can see very clearly in their imaginations how awesome their marketing materials (pdf e-books, freebies, info products, worksheets) should be.

Help me find the people who know that to reach this professional level with their materials, they need help translating these ideas into reality. And they are ready, right now, to get that help.

Then help me graciously invite them to The PDF Workshop.

They’ve been talking to you, Universe, and asking you to find someone like me to give them direction and support so they can learn all the skills they’ll need to be able to take their visions out of their imaginations and make them real.

This is so important to them because I know that gaining these skills will boost their online business confidence and change the way they look at themselves and their business opportunities.

They will more confidently promote themselves, gain followers, and grow their business.

Their businesses will transform from feeling empty to beautiFUL.

This is also important for me, personally. It will help me diversify my business and boost my confidence to continue creating more workshops like this.

I know that when I do my chores you can do your chores!

I will commit to doing the following to assist you:
1) Keep promoting The PDF Workshop
2) Post the templates I’ve created for the workshop, so that they will be inspired by the potential to create something beautiful of their own.
3) Write a series of blog posts to inspire and inform.
4) Find guest posting opportunities to expose my work to new audiences.

Thank you!

p.s. Universe… this is for you..


  1. Renee on at

    Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts to the universe. I know for sure that it heard you. 🙂

  2. Amber on at

    Beautiful design!!!

  3. Um….have you been listening in on my prayers?? Yes, that was me asking for that. Thanks for showing up to make the offer.