Fun and Sensible Fonts

My work often calls for clean, crisp designs and fonts, so when I get the opportunity to mix it up a bit I love to try out fun, decorative fonts. Today let’s look at some fonts that add a bit of zip to the design without being overwhelming.

Since there’s no official designation for fun fonts, you can find them by searching sites like FontSquirrel and MyFonts for fonts labeled or categorized as: comic, display, hand drawn, novelty or funny.

These fonts work best when used for short bits of text: headlines or photo captions, for example. If you plan to use them for longer paragraphs of text plan to use larger font sizes and plenty of space between lines of type. This will make it easier to read.

The following fonts are ones I choose often to add a spark to my designs without going completely overboard. They are free for commercial use via FontSquirrel.

Go give these a try: Journal, ChunkFive, Idolwild, Fenwick, Snickles, Playtime With Hot Toddies.

Next week I’ll introduce you to some over the top, funky, free fonts that are designed to steal the show.


  1. Derek Blagg on at

    I really like Chunk Five. It’s one of the fonts in my growing collection. I like Vitesse a lot too. It’s similar to Chunk Five less round and more rectangular slab serif. I try to limit my active fonts. The process of choosing just the right font can get so overwhelming so fast. It’s a real art to do it well.

    • christie on at

      Hi Derek – Vitesse is a great one, too. So many fonts, so little time and money. I’m enjoying writing about how I use them and pick them. I’m realizing I have a complicated thought process that goes into picking out the right font for a particular project, which hard to put into words. A lot like the process of selecting photos.