It’s Giveaway time at Jewels Branch!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Giving does a body good!


One year subscription to Jewels Branch

Went to Dayna House on Wednesday, May 7
Come learn how to design a beautiful brand you’re proud to show off. $588 value

$50 Creative Market Gift Certificate

Went to Michele Christensen on Thursday, May 1st
Feed your love of fonts, icons, photos, illustrations, etc.

$25 Gift Certificate

Went to Kris Duvall on Friday, May 2nd
Is your book wish list as long as mine?

$25 Etsy Gift Certificate

Went to Erica Strauss on Saturday, May 3
Inspirational posters and “I’m the Boss” nicknacks…got yours?

Moleskin Notebook

Went to Meg Marchiando on Sunday, May 4
For the notebook hoarders among us (ahem). (US addresses only)

A Mini Jewel Session

Went to Bianca Melling on Monday, May 5
One-on-one consulting to help you get your BIG branding and digital product projects planned. $299 value

A scholarship for The PDF Workshop

Went to Melissa Hottinga on Tuesday, May 6
Learn how to conceive, write, design, and produce your own beautiful PDF ebooks, course materials, magazines and more during this live workshop (coming soon!). $500 value


  1. carol on at

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    • christie on at

      Thank you Carol! It’s been a while! Hope you are well!!!

  2. Kacie on at

    How great are you!? Sending a few clients this way to toss their names in the pool- awesome Christie!

  3. This is fabulous…as are you and your work. <3