Good Reads

A quick roundup of articles on writing, content and branding.


Judy Dunn’s The Myth of Fairy Dust: One Reason I Never Get Blogger’s Block

“Let me just share one insanely simple reason I don’t get blogger’s block.
I read.”


5by5 ’s podcast Content Talks with Kristina Halvorson

Weekly “talks with special guests about content strategy, intelligent and persuasive content, IA, microcopy, and more.”


Hivelogic’s Why Your Avatar Matters

“One way you can stand out, especially on sites like Twitter, is to have a great avatar. A great avatar will help people remember you instantly.”

To get your avatar set up, go to Gravatar

How to find your good reads

Mashable’s 10 Ways to Find Blogs You’ll Love

What are you reading this week?