Good Reads: Beginning Projects + Perfecting Your Craft

If reading were an Olympic sport I’d get the gold. Here are some of my favorite blog reads from the last few weeks. Good reads from around the web to help you build your business.

#1: How I Begin A Project

Designer Cameron Moll shares how he starts creative projects (print, web, video, promo campaigns).

    “Short answer: It varies. Pretty widely.”

Read now if: thinking that there’s a “right” way to start creative projects is keeping you from moving forward. (pssst: there’s no right way to get started!).

#2: How to Hire a Programmer to Make Your Ideas Happen

An oldie, but goodie from programmer Derek Sivers.

    “Dream the big dream of everything your site/service/company might be some day, and write it all down.

    But then think of the bare minimum that would make you happy, and people would find useful.”

Read now if: you are getting ready to start a big project (app development, website, course/membership site) and need to figure out exactly what the project looks like and what kind of technical or other support you need.

#3: How to Get Damn Good at Your Craft

Artist Mars Dorian breaks down his system for consistently improving his craft.

    “If you listen to interviews with engineers and other technical minded people, you hear the same stories. Back in the day, they’d take apart their grandma’s radio just to see how it work. They’d dismantle a computer to see what each piece of hardware did. Learning by dissecting.”

Read now if: you are committed to being the best at your craft, whether it’s coaching, consulting, or art.

What have you read lately that’s really sticking with you? Please share in the comments, I’m always looking for new things to read!

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  1. Jenean on at

    Thanks so much for linking these articles. #2 really helped me because I always get stuck on how to ask a developer or designer for what I want. I have a hard time taking what is in my brain and communicating it in a way that makes sense to someone else…lol.

  2. Yasmine on at

    I love the article how to get good at your craft!

  3. Renee Pena on at

    Thanks so much for the reminder that getting good at your craft is about getting out there and doing it. I also want to share a good read that I keep coming to is Lucky Bitch and she says New Level, New Devil. Its about that every time you go up the ladder there is always something to overcome.

  4. Cathy Sykora on at

    Thank you for sharing these! These are all very helpful resources that can simplify some processes that many of us can easily over complicate.