9 Holiday Gifts for Women by Women

I love getting to know online business ladies who are product makers, crafters, creators, artists, writers. Every day they are putting in the hard work and time it takes to see their ideas come to life. They are making books, clothing, jewelry, workshops, and more … just for you (and me!).

I asked my maker friends to tell me about their creations, to show me what they’ve been busy putting out in the world this year. I hope you are inspired to check out their work this holiday season and then go on and create those things that are in your heart.

1. Wake Up Sugar Scrub from My Vintage Body Spa by Alyssa Middleton:
Natural, organic and fair trade ingredients to pamper and treat all us busy entrepreneurs!

2. Purple Leaves, Red Cherries by Tania Elfersy and Andrea Katzman. An award-winning gift book for new moms and mothers of young children.

3. White Dangle Chandeliers from Christine Marie Studio by Christine Thatcher. Bold bohemian jewelry.

4. Fear*less Photography retreats with Catherine Just.

5. The Busy Parent’s Guide to Photosanity by Alethea Fitzpatrick. Start capturing the fleeting moments of your children’s lives in brilliant photos.

6. Republic of Freedom Cards for the Non-conformist by Heather Thorkelson. Six different designs.

7. Celadon Collection from Tranquility Tuesdays by Charlene Lewang.
Personally sourced Chinese tea and handmade teaware.

8. Peace, Love and Gratitude Yoga Mat from Widsom Mats by Jamie Kanner. Eco-friendly, non-toxic yoga mats with peaceful quotes.

9. Batik Yoga Pants in Blue on Blue from Batikwalla by Victoria Dresdner.

Who are your favorite makers, creators, artists, writers, workshop leaders? What’s on your wish list from them this year?


  1. Mindy Crary on at

    This stuff is gorgeous! And such good ideas. I love the idea of giving someone something that is unexpected but so valuable and unique, as these offerings are . . . I wish Catherine Just offered her photos for sale, those really spoke to me.

    • christie on at

      Thanks Mindy! Yes, Catherine’s photos are beautiful!

  2. Natalie on at

    Great ideas! Thanks.

    • christie on at

      You’re welcome Natalie!

  3. Cathy Sykora on at

    Christie, you sure are a gift to those around you. What a great list of creative, clever gift ideas for women. Thank you for this and for everything you do for those around you. ~Cathy

    • christie on at

      Thank you Cathy… it was a lot of fun gathering all these ideas! Now my wish list is even longer!

  4. Sarah Yost on at

    Really gorgeous ideas here. Very impressed. Particularly love the tea set and bohemian earrings.

    • christie on at

      Thanks Sarah… the bohemian earrings = love!

  5. Pam Pearson on at

    Who better to create luscious gifts for women than women! This is such a fantastic and unique variety. I say we gift one to a special woman in our lives and gift one to ourselves…the most important women in our lives. I’m making my favorite creator ME and wishing nothing but living into my authentic self this year. Thanks for this Christie.

    • christie on at

      That sounds lovely Pam!

  6. Fab gifts! I especially love those batik yoga pants. 🙂

    • christie on at

      Me too, Marie! Super cute!

  7. Gorgeous, great ideas! I love the notecards.

    • Tamisha on at

      I agree, Karen! Love the notecards! 🙂

  8. Jenn on at

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely love the tea ware. I also love the Photosanity idea… pure genius!

  9. Oh my gosh…I’m so late to the party! How did I not see this? Thanks so much for including my Republic of Freedom cards in here – what a fantastic lineup of possible gifts. I love that there’s something for everyone. Christie you rock!

  10. Thank you for putting this together – and including my batik yoga pants! It’s a lovely, thoughtful collection and I’m sharing it with my own social networking audience. So nice!