I Help Women

I don’t wake up every morning thinking about branding or design or websites.

I wake up thinking about you, I think about my clients, I think about the ladies taking my workshops, I think about moms trying to stay sane while building businesses and raising their kids. I think about the questions you are going to ask me about your business and how I can give the best answer to those questions.

I think about how to get you to see yourself as the wonderful creative person that you are.

I think about how to help you get the courage you need to take the steps you need to take in your business.

For so long I was really striving to figure out how to explain that what I like to do best is help women.

I kept asking myself …

Is giving someone a kind word or lifting someone up when I see that they need it, good enough. Is it worth it? Does that connection with just one person make a difference in the world? Or does it need to be bigger? Is helping women create their businesses big enough? What is the “something bigger” that I’m supposed to be doing?

But in the last year I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I could be creating websites, designing magazines, teaching workshops, or cooking dinner, and this is serving women with the skills I have now.

I’m going to grow. I’m going to keep coming into my own and I don’t know exactly what that looks like. I only know that at the core, whatever it is that I’m doing will be of service to women. It might be through philanthropy, it might be through the book I’m writing, it might simply be me being the best mom I can be to my kids.

I’ve quit worrying about what the big work is and when I’ll get to it. This is the big work.

If you ask for help I’ll do what I can with the skills I have now, as the woman I am today. I will give you my time, my energy, my brain in the form of workshops and consulting and encouragement of all kinds.

Helping women is what I was put on this earth to do.

As Sarah Yost would say it’s my holy work, my sacred work.

So what is your holy work, your sacred work and how can I help you do more of that?


  1. Beautiful Christie…I love seeing another conscious woman connecting so deeply to her CORE value and recognizing that how it manifests is all just icing on the cake! My sacred work is to guide others to recognize how they can create their highest joy – and like you, I enjoy doing it through simple conversations with friends, the work I do as a coach, and in supporting others in my sangha by sharing a few supportive words!

    • christie on at

      Thanks Sabrina. Love the work you do.

  2. Amanda Krill on at

    Love that you realized that the big work is what you are doing now. Simple encouragement and kindness IS the big work, and you are simply fabulous at it. So many women just need someone to believe in them to make it happen.

  3. Christie.. this is beautiful and I think addresses something that so many of us wonder about without saying it out loud.. is it enough, am I enough, should it be more.. etc to be meaningful, impactful, loving.. whatever. And your conclusions, at least for me, are soothing and definitely sacred. We’re not the ones who are meant to make it “BIG”…if something transforms it that way.. so be it. We are just meant to do what we do as best we can, with as much love as we can..with the gifts and consciousness we have.
    I too know that helping women is what I am here for.. and I believe that I have and that I do. And I feel that it’s an incredible priviledge..

    My love to you..

  4. eyenie on at

    So motivating–YEAH! 🙂 I think you are right on the money with this lovely post! When we stop worrying about “the big plan” and focus on each little thing we can do now, it makes all the difference,and I dare say, helps us to grow and expand naturally and with ease! Such a great kick in the pantaloons and inspiration for a new year! My passion is helping women feel at home within themselves (and beautiful!) so they can love, live and thrive anywhere in the world!! Thank you! 🙂

  5. YES! Thank you for all the work you do. We are indeed creating a global intentional community and every small mindful act matters!

  6. Julie Geigle on at

    Well put! I, too, have a deep longing and desire to serve women. As we move into 2013 many are saying that it is the RISE of the woman stepping into her divine power. I know that every time I help a woman learn to love and express herself, I’ve given myself this gift as well. I have found that the people I work with are mirrors of myself. I think it was Edgar Cayce who said this is all just a waking dream and all of these people in this waking dream are really you, aspects of yourself. So cool!!!

  7. Amen to that! Whatever you do it will be just right, it will be perfect and you will help women just like you set out to. I love how you put that and you’re in your power right now.
    All work is sacred no matter how “lowly” you are always touching and helping people around you, even in the most unlikely circumstances.
    Inspiring! 🙂

  8. Dana on at

    I love this! Note to self: the so called little ways you help women are really the big stuff! Great post to wind 2012 and enter 2013. Here’s to women everywhere awakening to their devine feminine power:-) I am on fire and so are you! My sacred work is holding healing space for women to release stores tension and emotional pain from their body so that they can have a better relationship with themselves, others and with life!

  9. Pam Pearson on at

    I can so relate! And, isn’t it wonderful to be in service to others, especially women? I receive so much by giving to other women. That is my holy work. To help women live into their authentic self. To help them create true health and true wealth in their lives. To manifest the life of their dreams. One that keeps giving back. Good for you for finding what clearly seems to be your passion! Good for women!

  10. Cathy Sykora on at

    Whatever gets you going in the morning is working for everyone around you…so keep it up! I for one am glad you do things the way you do. ~Cathy