Online Resource Roundup: April 2013

Check out this awesome list of online classes, programs, and resources offered by entrepreneurial women to help you live your best life. If you have an online offering available in April that supports women entrepreneurs please share in the comments. If you’d like to be included in future roundups, please fill out this form for consideration. Thanks!


This month we’re shining the spotlight on …

Healthy & Happy Is A Choice: A Spiritual Workbook on Radical Self-Care and Self-Love


By: Rosa Conti

Price: $24.95

Description: A 47-page spiritual workbook designed to celebrate our personal selves, and remind us of our important and purposeful place in this space and time. It offers practical, spiritual, and loving guidance on finding our way back to ‘center’ through inspiration, self-reflection, and reuniting with our human-spiritual connection.

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Congrats, Rosa!

And now, on to the full list…have fun, grow, learn, explore, live!


Business Growth & Personal Development

Uncovering Courage 2 Day Workshop

With: Erin Giles
Price: $97
Description: A 2 day workshop that helps you uncover (yep, it’s already there) your courage so you can use your story to impact the world. It’s about your work, it’s about your story, and most importantly it’s about the mission you’re here to accomplish. Consider it your first step in building a do good mission into your business model.
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Sales Close: April 11, 2013

The 40-Day Feel Good Challenge!

With: Kerrie Blazek
Price: $397 (with payment plans available)
Description: The 40-Day Feel Good Challenge is a tele-class for women who want to learn how to use fun & pleasure to live life with finesse. Join me, plus 5 other inspirational women, as we explore this ride called LIFE! Pssst — the challenge may be about doing LESS than MORE. Come slow down, savor, celebrate with us! XO
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Sales Close: April 12, 2013

Crash Course in Courage :: A primer for shy, sensitive and quiet women entrepreneurs

With: Wokie Nwabueze
Price: Free
Description: I will be offering a free teleclass on April 16 for women entrepreneurs who describe themselves as shy, sensitive and/or quiet. We will be discussing how these characteristics interplay with business – the good & bad and will cover 5 effective methods for becoming a more courageous communicator in business.
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Sales Close: April 16, 2013 – 2 pm EST

Nap It Out!

With: Megan Flatt
Price: $79
Description: Get that big project checked off your list and build momentum for all your business and personal projects. In this 14 day productivity and time management course for busy moms, Megan will give you the system, support you while you produce real results and celebrate your successes. Join us April 22- May 5th
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Sales Close: April 22, 2013

Health & Beauty

slim down & happy up

With: Dr. Angela Cortal
Price: $139
Description: Stressed out? Pants not quite fitting how they used to? This 5 week program combines stress reduction with weight loss, to really make your positive changes stick. This isn’t your mom’s weight loss program. No more extreme dieting with yo-yo weight loss and gain. No points, no shakes- I promise. Just pure supported success.
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Sales Close: April 17, 2013

4 Week Detox Program

With: Jovanka Ciares
Price: $247
Description: This easy-to-follow, online, food-based detox program includes: 12 video lectures, a virtual grocery tour, a 75-Minute LIVE call with coach Jovanka and plenty of bonuses to finally get rid of years of toxic fat, pollutants and stress and regain your energy, vitality and happiness.
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Sales Close: April 28, 2013

Life & Relationships

Lucky Wedding Lab

With: Laura Jelinek
Price: Free Beta Testing
Description: I help brides-to-be eliminate the overwhelm as they are planning their weddings. Planning a wedding should be a joyful time of celebration and I coach brides on how to manage all the “boring/yucky” planning details so they can focus on all the fun design details! Amazing FREE 4 week experience for a limited time.
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Sales Close: April 15, 2013

Momtographie Online

With: Beryl Ayn Young
Price: $249
Description: This class offers moms a 6-week recipe to achieving photographic success with a DSLR camera. You’ll learn to expertly use ingredients like shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and light, in a community for learning, support, and compassionate guidance. Sign up now to start whipping up the professional looking photos you’re after.
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Sales Close: April 30, 2013


Business Growth & Personal Development

Healthy Business

With: Anna Long
Price: $397
Description: What: 1 on 1 goal-oriented coaching, How Long: 3 Months, For: Women in Health and Wellness Industry, Takeaway: Uncover areas that are holding you back, get profit plan in place, get clear on niche and ideal clients, uncover money mindset issues, make profits!
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Sales Close: May 1, 2013

Professional & Career Development

The Change Room : Custom Career Design in 4 Weeks

With: Kacey Crawford
Price: Runway edition is $149 and Bespoke edition is $299
Description: The Change Room is a self-paced online learning program and community to help you find the career you always wanted, but could never describe. Using fun, creative and thought-provoking techniques, The Change Room is your safe haven to learn, discover and design your perfect-fit career – and wear it with confidence.
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Sales Close: May 20, 2013

Soul Work & Creativity

Online Spiritual Book Club

With: Julie Geigle
Price: $19.95/mo or $97.00/yr
Description: Do you typically read a book & move onto the next without truly absorbing & applying the principles to your life? Join us for a spiritual exploration of Marianne Williamson’s new book “The Law of Divine Compensation.” We offer chapter summaries & weekly recorded Q&A sessions to help you process and apply the concepts learned.
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Sales Close: May 17, 2013


Business Growth & Personal Development

2013 Create Your Incredible Year in Life and Business workbooks

With: Leonie Dawson
Price: $9.95
Description: Create your incredible year in life or business with the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbook + planner. Massive miracle-inducers, these workbooks will make your life + business dreams come true over the next 12 months!
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Body Loving Homework E-Course

With: Mara Glatzel
Description: The Body Loving Homework E-Course is a powerful compilation of lessons, writing prompts, and tools that invite you to become an active participant in your life. This E-Course is designed for anyone who is ready to invest in themselves by taking the time to truly get to know themselves, and start to build a life that they love from the ground up.
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Coaching Practice in a Box

With: Sarah Yost
Description: This is a comprehensive guide to starting your coaching practice. It’s designed for coaches in the first 6 months of their business and will save them at least $1000 and a year’s learning curve.
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Delegate to Accelerate

With: Alyssa Middleton and Amy Wright
Description: A 5 module, go-at-your-own-pace e-course to find, hire and train a virtual assistant to take tasks off your plate and let you enjoy your business again. Videos, handouts, checklists and fill in the blank templates teach you to delegate tasks to your team to accelerate your business growth and profits.
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Ebook Kickstart Kit

With: Kris Emery
Price: $49
Description: The Ebook Kickstart Kit holds the all the tools you need to start writing your ebook. When you’re tired of rewriting your plan & have deleted more draft chapters than you can remember, learn where to start & how to move forward. With a beginner’s self-publishing resource & 12 weekly follow-up emails to keep you motivated!
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How to Be More Productive Online: Blogging & Social Media Tools to Save You Time

With: Leanne Chesser
Price: Regular $197,
Description: Tips, tools and strategies to help you save time online with blogging and social media.
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iCoach Digital Magazine

With: Stacy Nelson
Price: Free
Description: iCoach Network is an International Network of Life & Business Coaches built on the principles of collaboration, cooperation & support. As one rises, we lift each other up. Each month receive a beautiful digital magazine written by our Coaches specifically to inspire your Life & Business. Different theme each month!
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The Inner Circle for Health Coaches

With: Cathy Sykora
Price: $517.00
Description: Inner Circle for Health Coaches offers Health Coaches tools to grow their businesses and present themselves to the world in a professional way. It includes the exclusive 3-6-9-12 Month Program for Health Coaches, supplemental specialty modules, how-to tutorials for health coaches, a mastermind group, a collaborative recipe book
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Letter of Virtual Sympathy

With: Kayla Peikes
Price: FREE!
Description: A letter of virtual sympathy in the form of an autoresponder for the days when all you want to say is ‘Eff My Job’.
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Love Potion: Creating Wild Customer Attraction

With: Stephanie Peterson
Price: $39
Description: The messages your business projects out into the world determine exactly what you get back. Learn how to demonstrate the true, unique value of your products, and you can realistically have the profitable, fun, fulfilling business you signed up for.
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The PDF Workshop ~ Self-Study

With: Christie Halmick
Price: starting at $180
Description: The PDF Workshop is a digital workshop that will teach you how to conceive, write, design, and produce your own short PDF documents in iWork Pages (Mac) or Word (PC). Learn the graphic design skills you need to make beautiful, on brand e-books, worksheets, recipe books, digital products, and more.
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Restore Your Heart

With: Claire Gillenson
Price: $225
Description: Are you feeling lost? Heart broken into a million pieces? Appear to be thriving outwardly but grieving and feeling frustrated inside? I believe loss is not just about life and death, it is about every disappointment we’ve ever held onto. Learn how to heal past loss and find your way back to a life you were meant to live.
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Share the Love

With: Meg Appleby
Price: $1 for first month, then $10 month
Description: Share the Love is an online community that helps women entrepreneurs build their influence, build their confidence & build their business!
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Shift into Genius

With: Lauren Forest
Price: $1197
Description: A genius doesn’t fight her current situation: she shifts out of it and into a place that’s above & beyond it – she shifts into her own place of personal genius. This 6 week process teaches women entrepreneurs how to use this system to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and free themselves from self-defeating thoughts & feelings so that they can create the relationships, life, and businesses of their dreams.
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Superluxe Naming Experience

With: Victoria Prozan
Price: $397
Description: Conjuring the unexpected into branded stories that tell and sell. Communication is everything.
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Take Flight with Facebook

With: Sophie Bujold
Price: $197 CAD
Description: An online program designed to help travel professionals kick their Facebook shame to the curb and start engaging like a pro.
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Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Prompts and Sparkle

With: Grace Quantock
Price: £7/ $10
Description: It’s a 30 day group wellness practice project. And I made it for you. Maybe you are new to wellness and don’t have one little clue where to begin, or you could be a wheatgrass veteran. If you are reaching for a roadmap, wishing for a handbook and we can give you that here.
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Track This!

With: Brittni Mehlhoff
Price: $27
Description: Track This! is packed with actionable worksheets, charts, and questions designed to help you figure out what your true (and very specific) goals are when it comes to your business, and how to stay on track and accomplish those goals once they are set.
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Tech Quickie Session

With: Jessica Williams
Price: $15
Description: Instead of spending HOURS researching on Google, you can jump on the phone with me and get major clarity around your tech problem in 15 minutes.
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Weird Heart / Wild Heart

With: Mara Belzer
Price: $397
Description: Tame your sea of unruly ideas with a special blend of fun + ass-kicking. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many, or too few, ideas and not sure which direction to head in, this program is PERFECT for you!
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7-Day Money Made Easy Mini-Program

With: Leah
Price: FREE
Description: With one email per day over the course of a week, I’ll guide you through creating a set-it-and-forget it system for your money. You’ll get access to my secrets for conscious spending, saving on autopilot, getting out of debt, and earning more money
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Getting Started With Conscious Spending

With: Mindy Crary, MBA, CFP
Price: FREE
Description: The single-greatest indicator of your future wealth is clarity around cash flow. Since budgeting SUCKS, find out the little-known steps to getting more satisfaction from every dollar.
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The Path to Profitability

With: Yu-Fen Chang-Pett
Price: $388
Description: This is a 30-day 1:1 business financial mentoring program. This program is specifically designed for start-up and solo entrepreneurs who are ready to get their business finances organized and create a profitable business model.
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Health & Beauty

12 Day Detox

With: Cathy Sykora
Price: $49
Description: You will… Lose up to 5 lbs. Have brighter skin. Have a lighter mood. Experience carb & sugar cravings disappearing. Have a body that is cleansed of old toxins.
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28-Day Fat-Blaster Challenge

With: Shay de Silva
Price: $149
Description: A comprehensive program that will get you in tip-top shape in just 28 days. The challenge includes a workbook for changing your habits, three workout videos (each one less than 25 minutes long and requiring no weights or other equipment), a meal plan, a day-by-day guide, and a tracker so you can chart your progress.
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Boost your Body Image

With: Jennie Carlson
Price: $75-$280
Description: Become that bodacious babe that you KNOW you are and Kick the negative self-talk to the curb for good! Health, mind, an soul coaching for women!
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The Cut The Crap 7 Day Guided Cleanse

With: Carol Galanty
Price: $45
Description: Cut the crap out of your diet, give yourself a big energy boost, improve your focus and sleep like a baby by cleansing your mind, body and soul for 7 days. (There is an optional juice delivery service or you can make your juices yourself).
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The Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart

With: Lacy
Price: $9.95
Description: A PDF chart designed using the Mix and Match Rule to help solve or prevent a picky eating problem for kids. The chart contains almost 400,000 different healthy, balanced meal combinations!
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Fast Fitness to Go

With: Shay de Silva
Price: $99/month
Description: Get fit and firm in 25 minutes anytime, anywhere…no equipment needed! This unique program delivers three new 25-minute workout videos directly to your inbox each month.
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Kick It Kickstart :: Be a Smoke-Free Hottie

With: Cara Citrowske
Price: $275
Description: I offer an ongoing 30 day 1:1 coaching program for women who want to end the pack mentality and become smoke-free hotties. Each woman will receive personalized support via four 1:1 coaching calls, Smoke-Free Hottie Success Secrets workbook, unlimited email support, and membership in a secret Facebook group for extra support.
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MINDSET Alignment Program

With: Jennifer Sparks Berthelot – SWIFTKICK Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching
Price: 14.95
Description: A 12 week Journal and Planner with Companion Workbook and WEEKLY Video Support Series that takes your through an alignment process to create the life of your dreams. Wellness tips, quotes, tools, videos, coaching all combined in a Planner
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Paleo Power Lunch

With: Stormy Sweitzer
Price: $27.50
Description: Paleo Power Lunch: Easy, Filling & Delicious Workday Meals is a strategic cookbook with a set of how-to videos and quick guides designed to help you create meals that power your active and busy life. Recipes are based on Paleo dietary principles and are naturally free of dairy, grains, legumes, and processed ingredients. All resources are electronic so you can easily download and use them wherever you need them.
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Recovering Beauty: Sacred Rituals To Clear Emotional Weight

With: Lisa Claudia Briggs, MSW
Price: $47
Description: Digital Home Study program/retreat (145 pages) for women who feel everything and take it “all” on.. a completely different approach to heal emotional eating and body related issues.
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Reinvention Session

With: Paige Lysaght
Price: $25
Description: Feeling stressed, stifled, and stuck? Schedule a Reinvention Session for a powerful week-long coaching experience to learn how to upgrade your routine for health and happiness.
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Season to Run

With: Jeanne Andrus
Price: $197/$347
Description: This program is perfect for you if you never thought you could be a runner, if you’ve tried and failed to be a runner, or if a 5k (or longer!) is on your “someday” list! Season to Run is a ZERO to 5k running program that teaches you everything you need to know to become a runner and supports you every step of the way! Minimum age – 9, maximum age – 95!
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Sexier You: styles for your silhouette guide

With: Hanna Ashbaugh
Price: $25
Description: Sexier You: styles for your silhouette guide is a how to dress for your body type. If you want to look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds, know exactly what to wear for your silhouette and know your must have wardrobe piece, you’ll love Sexier You. If you’re on camera as an entrepreneur or want to stop looking for wardrobe that “works.”
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Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Wellness Prompts and Sparkle

With: Grace Quantock
Price: $7
Description: Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Prompts and Sparkle is a beautifully designed eBook with pages to prompt and support you every day, you get a focus, hot wellness tips, inspiration and me holding your hand, it’s a 30 day group wellness practice project. Maybe you are new to wellness & you are reaching for a roadmap or maybe you are a wellness veteran and you have done it all and the wheatgrass but together, we will implement the wellness shifts; I guarantee at the end of the 30 days, if you have followed the program you will feel lighter, brighter and have your chosen wellness habits in action.
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Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Teacher Training

With: Danielle Diamond
Price: $599
Description: This online teacher training program will certify you to teach a level 1 Xen Strength Yoga with Weights class. It contains a membership site with 20 videos and a manual with descriptions of every pose, and instructions on how to teach them. Yoga with Weights is emerging as the hottest new hybrid class, why not be the first to teach it in your area?
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Professional & Career Development

Qpractice NCIDQ Study Plan

With: Lisa League
Price: $37 – $247
Description: Courses, online multiple choice practice tests, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help interior designers pass the NCIDQ Exam the first time. Free 10 week study plan by email.
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Life & Relationships

The Busy Parent’s Guide to Photosanity

With: Alethea Fitzpatrick
Price: $397
Description: Stop taking disappointing photos, and start capturing the fleeting moments of your children’s lives, so you can save time, be more present, and more fully experience every precious second! Includes 12 video lessons and a 200+ page e-book.
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The Dr Laura Ciel Show

With: Dr Laura Ciel
Price: $0
Description: Join us for inspiration and motivation in getting through crises, transitions and difficult moments in your life! Live show with opportunities to ask your own questions and hear others’ personal stories about surviving and thriving through divorce, death, job transition and other challenges. Archives available Live show Thursdays at 12 noon Pacific.
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Gentle Sleep Coaching Package

With: Kate Gardes
Price: $325
Description: Help your baby or child learn to sleep peacefully through the night, in a gentle, family-friendly way. A 90 minute coaching session to develop an individualized plan that works for your family and your parenting philosophy. Six 20-minute follow-up calls to tailor the plan to your child’s progressing needs and to support you as you help your child learn this essential life skill. Get your family the sleep you need to be happy and healthy!
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Live in Love in Laugh in

With: Claire Wade
Price: £54.99
Description: Live in Love in Laugh in is an ongoing programme for those who are facing health challenges that mean they’re stuck at home or in hospital and are missing out on life. I create fun virtual events including parties in your pyjamas and virtual vacations to help them escape reality, make new friends and look forward to life.
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Soul Work & Creativity

1st Monday Morning Dial-Up Love-Ins

With: Andrea
Price: Free!
Description: I’m inviting fellow lovebugs to love-in with me, loving-kindness style, on the 1st Monday of every month. It’s a guided meditation that only takes about 20 minutes. Since emotions and moods are contagious anyway, let’s shift the balance towards ones that make us more open-hearted and open-minded!
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Bling Your Brilliant Idea

With: Cara Moulds
Price: $275/$1500
Description: Are you stalled with a divine idea that wants to be born? Get individual coaching and consulting to get out of the muck that’s weighing you down. 1 Carat Bling and 6 Carat Bling options for creating an online program or retreat, branding or opt-in ideas, writing an e-book, crafting a speech or presentation, or whatever brilliant idea is swirling within you!
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Create-YOUR-Story Brand to Design Workshop

With: Amy
Price: $500
Description: The ‘Create Your Story’ brand-to-design workshop is a heart-centered, mind-elastic kind of creative experience, carefully sculpted to help you make sense of your inspirations, craft your great unique story AND translate all this into a boutique-level brand concept that gets your Mary-Jane heels clicking with excitement while accelerating your business momentum to fun-fair giddy levels.
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What the Hell is Energy, Anyway?

With: Limitless Megan
Price: Free
Description: A free 4 week class with short video lessons that get right to the practical on what the hell “energy” is and how it works. The class is designed to help take energy from the Woo Woo to the Real World.
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