Online Resource Roundup: December 2013

Check out this awesome list of online classes, programs, and resources offered by entrepreneurial women to help you live your best life. If you have an online offering available that supports women entrepreneurs please share in the comments. If you’d like to be included in future roundups, please fill out this form for consideration. Thanks!


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Business Growth & Personal Development

Online Spiritual Book Club

With: Julie Geigle
Price: $40
Description: Too busy to read? Join Julie Geigle, International Psychic Medium, for our next Online Spiritual Book Club featuring: “THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION: Let go of who you think you should be and embrace who you are” by Brene Brown. Every Sunday for 6 weeks you will receive a 5 minute video in your mailbox that summarizes the book.
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Sales Close: December 9, 2013

Create Your Own E-Course

With: Sally Haughey
Price: $227 on sale ($399 regular)
Description: Regularly, people ask me how I have created my e-courses. Finally, I am breaking down and offering a course on it! I have had over 1750 teachers go through my courses. I am going to give you everything I have learned to produce amazing results – from how to create your own presentations, ebooks, banners and more.
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Sales Close: December 20, 2013

Health & Beauty

The Birth Empowerment Course

With: Krystal Trammell
Price: $97
Description: The Birth Empowerment Course is for women who are ready to rethink childbirth: In this unique program, you’ll learn loads about pregnancy, birth & mothering from a holistic perspective–and gain significant insight into yourSelf, as well. Challenge your limiting beliefs, overcome fears, & unlock the power of conscious choices!
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Sales Close: December 5, 2013 (price doubles)

Soul Work & Creativity

Unleashing the Shameless Woman

With: Kimberley Simon
Price: $500.00 Early Bird Pricing
Description: Reclaiming Your Sacred Dignity…Are your ready to reclaim your true voice, opening to an untamed life? Your invitation to experience wholeness, to understand what is holding you back from standing in your true power as a woman of boundless freedom. Now is the time.
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Sales Close: December 31, 2013 (early bird pricing ends for January 21, 2014)


Professional & Career Development

Complete Intensive Fashion Design Course

With: Laura Volpintesta
Price: $2,000 includes art supplies and textiles kit for US students
Description: My 16 week fashion illustration and design offers everything that I teach at Parsons School of Design in my on-campus and online courses, and more. I teach model drawing, watercolor (gouache) and technical drawing/design illustration to beginning to more advanced students to hone their technical proficiency and personal vision
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Sales Close: January 5, 2014

Soul Work & Creativity

Tribal Bliss-Dance and Vision- a movement journey

With: Paulette Rees-Denis
Price: $49.00
Description: Tribal Bliss starts January 12th, with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen. This is a course for you if you want to sparkle, move, dance, stretch, shake, write, shine, dig in, breathe, create, and move some more…combining Tribal Bellydance, African Dance, writing, yoga, healing, therapy, trance and meditation.
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Sales Close: January 16, 2014


Business Growth & Personal Development

The B Word for Artists

With: Laura C George
Price: $450
Description: The B Word for Artists is designed as an all-encompassing course giving artists the tools they need to build an online presence from the ground up. (Psst – that “B Word” is “business”!) If you’re overwhelmed with building a business around your art and don’t know what to do next, this is the program for you!
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Creative Ambrosia

With: Victoria Prozan
Price: $99
Description: Creative Ambrosia is your ambassador to kick@ss creativity! Start getting your imagination in gear with creative inspiration from OUTSIDE the internet bubble. Something different. Something high-quality. Something thought provoking. Something innovative. Click to read all about how Creative Ambrosia will feed your imagination!
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Developing Discipline University

With: Trish Funk
Price: $99
Description: Your six week course that will guide you step by step through mastering self discipline in your life for good. Lives too short to live it with the “I wish I…..”. You can move mountains, you just have to start with one rock.
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Free Your Mind

With: Beth Cline
Price: $49
Description: With the Free Your Mind program, create awareness around the energy you bring. Begin to identify your thought patterns and belief systems that may be holding you back. Learn to intentionally choose your thoughts, and believe in the power of them.
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Golden Basket Club

With: Shirley George Frazie
Price: $9 – $97
Description: Starting or growing a gift basket business? Need help with gift baskets or want to learn more about this creative enterprise? Golden Basket Club is your source to make gift baskets for fun or profit. Videos, product sources, marketing support, monthly Q&As, weekly tips, one-to-one support, and much more is here for you.
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Head-to-Paper Course-Building Workshop

With: Karen Sergeant
Price: $49
Description: Stop staring at a blank page and get started building your info-product. This “Workshop-in-a-PDF” has what you need, with fun worksheets to get you organized, get your creative juices flowing, and get those great ideas OUT OF YOUR HEAD and onto paper. If you’re a bootstrapper, this is just what you need.
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The Itchy Soul Holistic Faith & Business Playground

With: El Edwards
Price: $365/year
Description: The Itchy Soul Faith & Business Playground is for women entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving business at the same time as stretching and growing their faith muscle. Live Q & A calls every week, weekly inspirational audios, daily accountability, monthly book club and lots more.
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Pricing for YOU: How to find the right price for your products + services

With: Nahanni Faith Hartwood
Price: $19.00
Description: As an entrepreneur, pricing can feel really hard! There’s a lot of conflicting info out there, and it’s easy to get stuck on what to charge. In Pricing for YOU, I teach you quick, simple methods for tuning in to your intuition to find the right price (that you feel good about!) for your products + services. Video workshop + pdf.
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Smart Women Make Money

With: Sherold Barr
Price: $298
Description: Smart Women Make Money is a six-week online program that will unleash your ability to make more money by removing your money blocks, and create a new money story that you are eager to step into. You will learn to ask for what you are worth, understand the sales pipeline and how to get clients and ask for the sale.
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The Vortex of Creation

With: Leah Shapiro
Price: $97/month
Description: This virtual coaching group is an amazing, sisterhood of awesomeness where creative, free-spirited women go to unleash themselves from the crap that holds them back so they can fly their freak flags and make their dreams come true.
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The ZAP!

With: Helene Scott
Price: $297.00
Description: When you unleash your unparalleled spark, you become a magnet to your people. Make it easy for them to find you. Without a doubt the most effective way to STAND OUT online is by infusing YOU into your website/brand/message. In this 1:1 session we roll up our sleeves and unleash yours.
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Personal Finance Transformation

With: Trish Funk
Price: $129
Description: Your six week course to transforming your relationship with your finances.
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Health & Beauty

Lighten your Load

With: Chivon John
Price: 19.99
Description: Are you tired of saying that you’re fine, when you really want to admit that you’re not? Lighten your Load is a 21 day self-paced ecourse designed to help you burn your cape, bring ease back to self-care and your permission slip to take inspired action to make yourself the priority.
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Life & Relationships

My Organized Chaos

With: Jo Ebisujima
Price: $497
Description: Busy moms, I can help you organize your kids so that they become more independent and helpful around the home. Freeing up your time so you have more time for the fun stuff! Having more independent kids and a more organized home will also reduce stress, reduce fights and bickering and promote a helpful and more caring atmosphere.
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Soul Work & Creativity

Creative You 8 Week Online Course

With: Kathie Holmes
Price: $347.00
Description: Supporting women in achieving their dreams of owning their own business. Our course delves deep to identify your unique creative ability and then takes you through step by step to create your online business. In addition, you will be fully supported through our exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group.
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Temple of Tales: Persephone and Your Power

With: Hayley ‘Haloquin’ Addis
Price: £59
Description: A four week video-ritual journey into magic to guide you in stepping into your true self and your power to change the world! Become Queen of your life with Persephone, able to choose the shape of your life every day, to know what matters and to weave more of what is truly important to you into your life ever moment.
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