Online Resource Roundup: February 2015


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Business Growth & Personal Development

Do It Yourself SEO for Small Business

With: Kelly Phillips
Price: $199, $399, $899 levels
Description: You don’t have to be a technical expert to get great results with SEO. You just need to understand how it works. In 7 weeks we’ll walk through exactly how to implement SEO on your site. Modules are made up of videos and worksheets to help you apply SEO yourself. Live FB group and team or 1:1 help is available.
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Join By: February 2, 2015

21 Days from Chaos to Order – The Clutter Free Movement

With: Vatsala Shukla
Price: $16
Description: 21 Days for 21 tasks to get your clutter under control and doing Inner Work to understand why you tend to create clutter with Facebook Group Coaching support. You will receive a manual that covers planning, clutter removal, assessments and tips to carry forward long after the challenge is completed.
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Join By: February 8, 2015

Define Your Blog Voice MiniCourse

With: Daniela Uslan
Price: Free
Description: A 5 day minicourse to define your blog voice, including daily worksheets in PDF and Google Doc format, daily audio, a private Facebook group, and daily office hours.
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Join By: February 9, 2015

Write What You Love

With: Sara Barry
Price: Free
Description: Write What You Love is a free, 3-day mini course designed to get you writing and connecting (or reconnecting) to things you love. You’ll get short writing prompts to get you inspired, focused, and started; devote time for yourself; energize yourself by writing about—maybe even doing—something you love. February 11–13
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Join By: February 11, 2015

Dilettante Life Intensive

With: Lynn Daue
Price: $99
Description: The Dilettante Life Intensive is a 10-week live course for women who want to play more. We examine eight areas of your life, break them down, and rebuild them how YOU want them to look. Each week covers a different area, contains six email lessons, and downloadable PDFs, expert interviews, curated resources,etc! $249 after 2/14!
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Join By: February 14, 2015

Your Great & Gorgeous E-Course

With: Dr. Kelly Edmonds
Price: $847
Description: Premium training program on creating online courses with an experienced instructional designer and entrepreneur, Dr. Kelly Edmonds. The 6-week program includes a custom course blueprint, rich content and lessons, live demos of course creations, and detailed tutorials on course technology set up. Facilitied with lifetime access.
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Join By: February 28, 2015

31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life!

With: Eryka Peskin
Price: Free
Description: Do you have a hunger to fully embrace your life? To Find out how transforming your relationship with your health, money, sensuality, love, work, mindset can jumpstart your LIFE. Starting on March 1st, you’ll get the tools to create the life you deserve!
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Join By: February 29, 2015

Health & Beauty

Nourish from the Inside Out

With: Kim Ertelt and Katie Vernoy
Price: $79.00 until 2/16 then $115.00
Description: A 2.5 hour workshop that brings together nutrition and life coaching. Learn how what you eat and what you think can improve every part of your life. Start listening to your gut, trust ourself, and nourishing your whole self. Take action to look and feel your best.
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Join By: February 17, 2015


Legal Love Giveaway + Sweepstakes

With: Lisa Fraley
Price: Free
Description: Enter the Legal Love Giveaway between 2/1- 2/14 for your chance to win $1,500 of free legal work! The lucky winner will be drawn 2/15. No purchase necessary. Plus, everyone who enters receives the red-hot “10 Legal Tips to Protect the Heart of Your Biz” so you can learn the right legal steps to take today. 2/14 is the last day!
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Join By: February 14, 2015

Life and Relationships

Empower Your Inner Wise Woman Group Mentorship Program

With: Jennifer Nassi
Price: $900
Description: Tap into and develop your intuition, understand your patterns and relationships in a whole new way, and get ready to live a life filled with more peace, ease, joy, and connection! This is an experience not to miss- join a sacred sisterhood with amazing support as you uncover your most radiant and authentic self.
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Join By: February 28, 2015, February 15, 2015 for early bird

Soul Work & Creativity


22nd Annual Women’s Weekend Retreat Dance and Desire

With: Paulette Rees-Denis
Price: $340
Description: 22nd Annual Women’s Weekend Retreat Dance and Desire with Paulette Rees-Denis, Lynea Gillen, and Elena Lipson. April 24-26, 2015 at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon. Don’t YOU desire to feel freakin’ great, in your body, in your skin, in your soul, in your mind, in your business? Join us …a retreat just for you!
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Join By: April 13, 2015

Women’s Redwood Soul Retreat in Northern California

With: Laura Gates
Price: $1,250
Description: Four days and three nights spent with 8 other women in a deep dive into our soul’s purpose. We harness the power of our energy while deeply exploring our dreams and goals as we are nourished by the Redwoods, nature, the Pacific Ocean and healthy lovingly prepared food in eco-luxury cabins overlooking the lush valley.
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Join By: May 31, 2015


Business Growth & Personal Development

Wellness Business Solutions in a Box

With: Rachel Feldman
Price: $147 to $547
Description: Wellness Business Solutions in a Box – Done For You Programs for Wellness Professionals: Make money and build your online/offline practice using 100% Customizable programs that are ready for you to brand for you niche. Instead of spending time creating a program, spend more time building your business with the right tools. If you are a wellness entrepreneur, then these programs are your solution.
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Join By: March 9, 2015


Business Growth & Personal Development

Cosmic Clarity Session

With: Ashleigh Johnson
Price: $347
Description: Deep down you have this gut feeling you should be working for yourself. Get confirmation from the one place you haven’t looked–your natal chart. In a Cosmic Clarity Session, I’ll interpret your natal chart, you tell me your struggles with your business, and I’ll give you astrologically customized action steps to take.
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Email Marketing Starter Kit

With: Meg Appleby
Price: Free
Description: If the idea of sending out a regular email newsletter for your business is doing your head in, then the free Email Marketing Starter Kit is just what you need. Its designed to make getting started with email marketing stress free and simple.
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Health & Beauty

Life & Relationships

“Oh, f*ck it!” Detox: 7 day lifestyle detox

With: Wendy Reese
Price: Free
Description: Ready to say “oh, f*ck” it to all the fears, doubts, should’s that keep you stuck? Release them in this 7 day detox. Each day explore one aspect Money, Work/career, Relationships, Health, Spirit, Passion through morning and evening reflections. End with a plan for forward, authentic living, free of limiting thoughts/beliefs.
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Soul Work & Creativity

Daily Dance

With: Erica Ross
Price: $21. Goes up to $35 Feb. 1
Description: Daily Dance is an online, ‘evergreen’, 21-day ecstatic dance program, delivered straight to your inbox, based on my women’s award-winning ecstatic dance practice, Dance Our Way Home. Each day offers a special and unique invitation for one dance, a demo video, song track, and additional inspiration and playlist.
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