Online Resource Roundup: January 2015


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Business Growth & Personal Development

Mastering Retreats: A Savvy Girls Guide To Adding Luxury and Profit to Your Retreat

With: Michelle McReavy
Price: $249
Description: I will be teaching how to create your own luxury retreat even if you are starting out with a small budget. My passion is to help everyone create the retreat of their dreams and make money doing it. There will be a 3 classes, 1 each week with Q&A at the end of each call. First 3 to sign up get 60 min coaching for their retreat.
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Join By: January 9, 2015

Reclaim and Recharge

With: Julie Bowman
Price: Free
Description: This free 5 day class is designed for busy moms. The daily lessons are delivered right to your email inbox. We will work together to put some order into a few small spaces in your home and spend time recharging your soul with a self-care assignment too. We will work together to give 2015 a fresh start.
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Join By: January 11, 2015

Badass Master Plan

With: Desiree Wolfe
Price: $397
Description: Feeling overwhelmed and unorganized as a Mompreneur? You can take control of your business again, and you can do it in just 3 days. Registration is now open for the Badass Master Plan – Starting January 14th!
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Join By: January 13, 2015

Powerful Planning

With: Aerlie Wildy
Price: Free
Description: A Free Mini-course to help online business mums create Powerful Plans for their Daring Dreams. We focus on creating your vision, finding your fearless focus, planning templates and goal setting that is REAL SIMPLE ie. realistic for a busy mum running a business and simple because when there is too much going on it’s too stressful
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Join By: January 15, 2015

Health & Beauty

Healthy Every Day

With: Krista Butler
Price: 3 payments of $87 (CDN)
Description: Real food nutrition specifically for entrepreneurs. A 3 month program with a different focus each month: 1-Understanding Real Food Nutrition; 2-Cultivating A Positive Mindset; 3-Choosing Healthy Every Day.
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Join By: January 4, 2015

Happy, Healthy & Hot Coaching

With: Maureen Witten
Price: $649
Description: This well-rounded, women-only program includes: A 12-week, health coach-created “Stop Dieting & Start Living” e-course that comes with 12 weeks of clean meal plans sent straight to your inbox weekly. A “Self-Esteem Bootcamp” with a registered therapist; virtual 1:1 session with a personal stylist & image consultant.
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Join By: January 9, 2015

After the Holidays Winter Cleanse

With: Saralee Hofrichter
Price: Free (or add $37.49 plus tax and shipping for Herbal Elixir)
Description: I invite you to join me in an “After The Holidays Winter Cleanse”. Together, let’s say YES to: feeling better in mind, body, spirit; healthy, glowing skin; clearer thinking; slowing down; eating organic, whole foods; losing weight. Together let’s say NO to: wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, negative thinking, toxic chemicals.
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Join By: January 9, 2015 (if you want herbs), January 14, 2015 otherwise

Precision Nutrition Coaching

With: Janice Greer
Price: $497
Description: Discover the power of change through the Precision Nutrition Healthy Habits 6 Week Program. Fat loss, muscle gain, rising energy levels and a sense of real accomplishment is easily within your grasp. A great start to your new year!
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Join By: January 15, 2015

Winter Community Dump

With: Sara Bradford
Price: $147
Description: One-Of-A-Kind 10-Day UnCleanse — not your typical cleanse — this season’s version (Winter) is a sugar detox. But you don’t just get recipes, support, guidance — you walk away empowered, full of knowledge about food and yourself like never before, and join a new community of women from around the globe.
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Join By: January 29, 2015

30 Day Challenge 2015 – Just Shift It

With: Tiffany Amesbury
Price: from $340
Description: Christmas indulgence time is almost over… are YOU ready to take care of you? Join me and 5000 like minded people around the world on a 30 Day journey to better health and happiness… what’s stopping you? Please get in touch with me for more details – Happy Days 🙂
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Soul Work & Creativity

The Happiness Habit: 21 Days from Blah to Blissed Out

With: Michelle DeSpain
Price: $129 (currently running January special of $99 with code BeHappy)
Description: Imagine this: 21 days of soul-scintillating, happiness habit-forming activities that will sprinkle some sparkle back into your life. Ooh. Ahh. Goodbye, blah. Hello, blissed out! Class begins January 13th, 2015.
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Join By: February 2nd, 2015


Business Growth & Personal Development

Do It Yourself SEO for Small Business

With: Kelly Phillips
Price: $199, $399, $899 levels
Description: You don’t have to be a technical expert to get great results with SEO. You just need to understand how it works. In 7 weeks we’ll walk through exactly how to implement SEO on your site. Modules are made up of videos and worksheets to help you apply SEO yourself. Live FB group and team or 1:1 help is available.
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Join By: February 2, 2015


Business Growth & Personal Development

Blueprint For Beginning Bloggers

With: Joanne Greco
Price: $67
Description: Do any of these sound like you? You just created your first blog, but don’t know where to begin. You just started blogging and want to earn an income from it. You want to promote your existing business or service through blogging. If you said yes to any of these, Blueprint For Beginning Bloggers can help you get started.
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Get Sh*ft Done

With: Lynn Daue
Price: Free
Description: Get Sh*ft Done is a free PDF download to help you achieve one major goal in one year. Working on the principle that small change begets big results, Get Sh*ft Done helps break down big goals into small, easily digestible steps so that you can revamp your life in an easy, breezy manner.
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Heart and Goals – Biz Planner + e-Workbook

With: Becca Berggren
Price: Free
Description: Part Mindful Marketing plan and part Soul Inquiry, Heart and Goals biz Planner will get you into inspired action for 2015.
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Health & Beauty

C’est Chic Crash Course

With: Sharon Haver
Price: $797
Description: I created the C’est Chic Crash Course to elevate + inspire other women to effortlessly make the most of what they’ve got. C’EST CHIC CRASH COURSE (SAY CHIC!) is my premiere 8-week style mentoring program that teaches you all you need to know to look pulled together and chic. It is based on my 3 decades in the style industry.
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Fully Juiced! Menopause Coaching

With: Allita Parlette
Price: $3100/6 month program
Description: If you are a menopausal woman feeling like your mind and body have become strangers to you, let me help you tune into your intuitive wisdom so you can regain your serenity, release excess weight, increase your energy & appreciate your body. Your midlife can be whatever you choose it to be, the power is within you.
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Move More/Tone Up Online Fitness Challenge

With: Dr. Bola
Price: $47
Description: 5 weeks of low impact exercises released one week at a time. These “moves” help improve muscle tone and lifts the mood. Ideal for sedentary women or women with arthritis or low mobility.
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Life & Relationships

Adventures In Baby Signing

With: Marcie Paige
Price: $47.00
Description: My proven step-by-step system that let’s your baby communicate without crying, whining or tantrums. I’ll show you how baby sign language builds language skills, trust, and confidence – and you can avoid the stress & frustration of not knowing what your baby wants.
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With: Kendra Kantor
Price: $97
Description: Re-Align your inner values, re-focus your self care, re-invigorate your goal.
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Soul Work & Creativity

Daily Dance

With: Erica Ross
Price: $21. Goes up to $35 Feb. 1
Description: Daily Dance is an online, ‘evergreen’, 21-day ecstatic dance program, delivered straight to your inbox, based on my women’s award-winning ecstatic dance practice, Dance Our Way Home. Each day offers a special and unique invitation for one dance, a demo video, song track, and additional inspiration and playlist.
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  1. Joanne on at

    Thank you very much for including Blueprint For Beginning Bloggers in this great resource! I see a lot of great programs I’m going to look into for myself, and my clients. Happy New Year!

    • christie on at

      You’re welcome Joanne! Best of luck with Blueprint for Beginning Bloggers!

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