Online Resource Roundup: September 2013

Check out this awesome list of online classes, programs, and resources offered by entrepreneurial women to help you live your best life. If you have an online offering available that supports women entrepreneurs please share in the comments. If you’d like to be included in future roundups, please fill out this form for consideration. Thanks!


This month we’re shining the spotlight on …

Create Your Nomadtopia

With: Amy Scott
Price: $97-497
Description: Create Your Nomadtopia is a six-week online group program to help people reach location independence and create the ideal life for their nomadic soul. Through a private forum, weekly group calls, and audio lessons and PDFs, experienced nomad Amy Scott guides people to identify what their ideal life looks like and make it happen.
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Sales Close: September 11, 2013

Congrats, Amy!

And now, on to the full list…have fun, grow, learn, explore, live!


Business Growth & Personal Development

Coaching Business Jumpstart

With: Rebecca Tracey
Price: $497
Description: If you’re a coach struggling to get clients and make a full-time income, we’ve got your back. We’ll spend a way workshopping your business to help you market yourself to the exact people you want to attract. Super fun, super impactful, and super results-oriented!
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Sales Close: September 9, 2013

The Push Up Entrepreneur: Create A Business That Lifts You Up, Separates You From The Status Quo, And Fills Your Bank Account

With: Sylvie Matthews
Price: FREE
Description: All over the world, female entrepreneurs are rising up to create their own economy, allowing them the freedom they long for, yet the learning curve is really steep! You will see that this summit has the potential to revolutionize the way you are building your business by filling cracks in your foundation.
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Sales Close: September 9, 2013

The 7 Best Ways to take back control of your Travel Business and start creating your online presence

With: Linda Riel
Price: FREE
Description: In this free webinar learn: How to take back control of your business. • Which (mostly free) online tools to use to create your online presence. • How to plan this out step by step, so you don’t get overwhelmed (Fall eChallenge). The webinar will be held on September 10th at 7pm Eastern.
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Sales Close: September 10, 2013

Freshly Implemented

With: Amber
Price: $1079
Description: Freshly Implemented is an intimate, online mastermind experience, that will change the way you do business. Learning, swag, accountability, real-time consulting, 6 full months so you’ve got time on your side, and so much more. Reserved for just 27 entrepreneurs who are ready to implement and get results once and for all.
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Sales Close: September 12, 2013

The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal

With: Ria Sharon
Price: $247
Description: What if you could actually get off the treadmill of being busy 24/7 with no time left for yourself? Learn how to listen to a deeper source of internal guidance Best selling author, Renée Trudeau provides a simple yet groundbreaking approach to self-care will give you practices to live your life from peace, power and love.
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Sales Close: September 13, 2013

Your Passion-Based Business

With: Stephenie Zamora
Price: $375 in full or two payments of $195
Description: An 8-week group coaching program helping you to build or a grow a business around your passion! If you’re ready to get clarity and start making serious forward progress towards building the business of your dreams, then sign up for this group program today. You will see results in just 8 weeks!
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Sales Close: September 15, 2013

For the LOVE of Sales

With: Shana LaFore
Price: $197
Description: For the LOVE of Sales is a 7 week e-course designed to give you simple, soulful strategies to sell your work with confidence. It was created because, as much as you need it, business is not taught in art + design school. Why waste years of time on trial + error when you could could learn from someone who knows the ropes!
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Sales Close: September 29, 2013


Stop Overspending: 7 Tips, Tricks and Mindset Shifts to Keep You In Check at the Checkout Line

With: Leah Manderson
Price: FREE
Description: Like devouring a whole Cheesecake Factory dessert, overspending feels SO GOOD while you’re in the act, but leaves you feeling uncomfortable and guilty afterward–vowing you’ll never do it again. I’m holding this FREE teleclass to show you exactly how to stop overspending so that you ACTUALLY never do it again.
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Sales Close: September 5, 2013

Health & Beauty

5 to 9 Jumpstart

With: HeatherLeigh
Price: $149
Description: The three week program that will dramatically improve the way you live when you’re not on the clock. That’s when all the fun happens anyway, right?! We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and exactly how you can get there. I’ll give you my best tips, tricks, recipes, and workout plans!
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Sales Close: September 30, 2013

Soul Work & Creativity

The Tribal Bliss Gatherings (Part 2) Dance and Vision Weaving with the Power of your Creative Feminine Essence

With: Paulette Rees-Denis
Price: $49.00
Description: Dance and Vision. Weaving with the Power of your Creative Feminine Essence … an online movement journey
With Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen. We move our body, mind, and spirit with deep dance release using writing, meditations, dance, yoga, and more. Find pleasure, healing, and your creative self with this four week course!
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Sales Close: September 9, 2013

Unleashing the Shameless Woman

With: Kimberley Simon
Price: $250.00
Description: Reclaiming Your Sacred Dignity… Are your ready to shed any feeling of being a victim and own everything that has happened to you, to reclaim your true voice, with a redefined sense of embodiment? Your invitation to experience wholeness, to know that all is well in your soul. Your heart longs to open wide…. if not now, when?
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Sales Close: September 18, 2013


Business Growth & Personal Development

Course-Building JumpStart Package

With: Karen Sergeant
Price: $199
Description: Serious about getting your course out into the world? Stop spinning your wheels and get traction. You get all the help of the downloadable workshop PLUS an hour with me. You bring the subject-matter genius, I bring the curriculum-design smarts, and together we hash out what your product looks like in detail.
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Sales Close: October 1, 2013

Qpractice NCIDQ Study Plan

With: Lisa League
Price: $37 – $327
Description: Qpractice is an online training and prep program to help designers study for the NCIDQ Exam, a credentialing exam for certification and licensing for interior designers in the US and Canada.
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Sales Close: October 2013

Health & Beauty

Fit & Fab in 6 weeks

With: Natalie Neckyfarow
Price: $109
Description: This 6 week program goes beyond the traditional fitness offering. Each week participants will receive coaching assignments, a group online workout, a home exercise video, a group coaching call, and ongoing support via a private Facebook forum. Participants will get motivated, move past personal blocks, and build strong habits.
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Sales Close: October 1, 2013

Life & Realtionships

The Virtual Nudge

With: Clare Fielder
Price: $14.99 {$5 off} the Big Nudge (see coupon code in description)
Description: Whether you’re the local Martha Stewart of the street, or simply a busy gal trying to balance career, client meetings and remember mum’s birthday, the virtual nudge is an exciting and innovative way of keeping track and reminding you in advance of those special days, with helpful hints and product ideas! Code: tvnjb5
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Sales Close: October 31, 2013


Business Growth & Personal Development

The B Word for Artists

With: Laura C George
Description: The B Word for Artists is designed as an all-encompassing course giving artists the tools they need to build an online presence from the ground up. (Psst – that “B Word” is “business”!) If you’re overwhelmed with building a business around your art and don’t know what to do next, this is the program for you!
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Developing Discipline University

With: Trish Funk
Price: $99
Description: Your six week course that will guide you step by step through mastering self discipline in your life for good. Lives too short to live it with the “I wish I…..”. You can move mountains, you just have to start with one rock.
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Fearful to Fierce…Feminine Fierce

With: Mariah Neeson
Price: $475
Description: I help women step out of the ‘shoulds’ that have led them to a dead end and into the life they’ve been longing for by identifying what’s holding them back and creating actionable steps to move forward.
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Head-to-Paper Course-Building Workshop

With: Karen Sergeant
Price: $49
Description: Stop staring at a blank page and get started building your info-product. This “Workshop-in-a-PDF” has what you need, with fun worksheets to get you organized, get your creative juices flowing, and get those great ideas OUT OF YOUR HEAD and onto paper. If you’re a bootstrapper, this is just what you need.
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The Itchy Soul Holistic Faith & Business Playground

With: El Edwards
Price: $365/year
Description: The Itchy Soul Faith & Business Playground is for women entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving business at the same time as stretching and growing their faith muscle. Live Q & A calls every week, weekly inspirational audios, daily accountability, monthly book club and lots more.
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Personal Finance Transformation

With: Trish Funk
Price: $129
Description: Your six week course to transforming your relationship with your finances.
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Health & Beauty

Life & Relationships

My Organized Chaos

With: Jo Ebisujima
Price: $497
Description: Busy moms, I can help you organize your kids so that they become more independent and helpful around the home. Freeing up your time so you have more time for the fun stuff! Having more independent kids and a more organized home will also reduce stress, reduce fights and bickering and promote a helpful and more caring atmosphere.
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Soul Work & Creativity

Creative You 8 Week Online Course

With: Kathie Holmes
Price: $347.00
Description: Supporting women in achieving their dreams of owning their own business. Our course delves deep to identify your unique creative ability and then takes you through step by step to create your online business. In addition, you will be fully supported through our exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group.
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  1. Amy Scott on at

    Wow, thanks so much for shining the spotlight on Create Your Nomadtopia, Christie! I’m excited about this program, and I really appreciate your support.