Printable: April 2015 Calendar

15 Minutes Per Day = Progress

What tiny step can you take each day to move one (or two or three) of your business projects forward in April?

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Imagine the Possibilities

Download this printable (PDF) calendar and commit to take one tiny action per day, and see how much progress you can make.

Fifteen minutes of focused action, 5 days per week throughout April = 5.5 hours of work on one or more of your most important projects!

Share your priority projects to win!

Work through the Priority Project Planner and share your top 3 projects for April in the comments! On April 1st one lucky commenter (chosen by random drawing) will win one month of access to all the self-study courses at Jewels Branch.


  1. Chantelle on at

    Top 3 for April
    1. Add one new policy to work systems file. This month: Work health and safety. Boring, yet oh so necessary.
    2. Update website to a responsive theme and refresh content. Been putting off for way too long!
    3. Make a start on my business and marketing plan for coming financial year.

    • christie on at

      Thanks for sharing your big April projects Chantelle! Here’s to a great month and step-by-step progress on adding policies to your work systems file, updating your site, and biz planning!

  2. Cara on at

    Hi Christie. In April I’m working on updating all my product listings to reflect the new categories Etsy added. Happy Spring!

    • christie on at

      Awesome Cara! Happy spring to you too!

  3. Amber Budd on at

    My top 3 for April are as follows:
    Introduce myself and my business to 40 new people
    Brainstorm new ways to meet people and ways to make more money in the spa
    Book photoshoot with New model and new photographer (build portfolio)

    • Amber Budd on at

      Ah! I want to add – make my brand portfolio. Pick the fonts, write down my color matrix, wtc. All in one place.

      • christie on at

        Amber – great goals! Here’s to meeting people!

  4. christie on at

    Congrats to commenter Amber Budd! Amber, you’ve won one month of access to all the self-study courses at Jewels Branch! Watch for an email from me shortly with details.

    Thanks to everyone who commented and here’s to success with all your April plans!