Printable Calendar: May 2015

15 Minutes Per Day = Progress

What tiny step can you take each day to move one (or two or three) of your business projects forward in May

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Imagine the Possibilities


Download this printable (PDF) calendar and commit to take one tiny action per day, and see how much progress you can make.

Fifteen minutes of focused action, 5 days per week throughout May = 5.25 hours of work on one or more of your most important projects!

Share your priority projects to win!

Work through the Priority Project Planner and share your top 3 projects for May in the comments! On May 4 one lucky commenter (chosen by random drawing) will win one month of access to all the self-study courses at Jewels Branch.


  1. Ani on at

    I LOVE your monthly printables, Christie.

    It’s astonishing how time adds up. I feel like 2015 is whizzing by and I can’t catch up!

    May Projects:
    1. Revamp my website copy
    2. Continue to prepare my product for sale
    3. Get comfy on Instagram!

    And, thank you!

    • christie on at

      I feel the year whizzing by too Ani! Only 3 weeks until my kids are off for summer break! Here’s to making the most of May!

  2. Chantelle on at

    I’m really loving this process. This will be my second month working it out and it feels so good to have a simple plan that gets results.
    My top 3-
    1. Big ONE – get everything wound up and up to date for the closing of my physical business at end of month. Sad but it feels good to be moving on too.
    2. Design free opt- in for newsletter
    3. Get 10 blog posts written for new website.

    • christie on at

      Glad this process is working for you Chantelle! Congrats on the BIG ONE! Bittersweet.

  3. sacha on at

    My top three priorities
    1-write my Website Bio
    2-write a sale contract fir my website
    3-start writing my course module

    • christie on at

      Great projects for May Sacha!

  4. Sacha on at


  5. christie on at

    Congrats to commenter Chantelle! Chantelle, you’ve won one month of access to all the self-study courses at Jewels Branch! Watch for an email from me shortly with details.

    Thanks to everyone who commented and here’s to success with all your May plans!

    • sacha on at

      Are you guys doing this in June and July. ..July cuz is my birthday month

      • christie on at

        Sacha, we share a free calendar and planning worksheets every month. Sometimes we do a giveaway, sometimes we don’t!