Printable: January 2015 Calendar

15 Minutes Per Day = Progress

What tiny step can you take each day (think 15 minutes of focused action) to move one (or two or three) of your business projects forward in January?


Download this printable (PDF) calendar, priority projects planner, and tiny steps tracker, commit to take one tiny action to take per day, and see how much progress you can make.

Imagine the Possibilities

Fifteen minutes of focused action, 5 days per week throughout January = more than 5 hours of work on one or more of your most important projects!

Share your priority projects to win!

Work through the Priority Project Planner and share your top #3 January projects in the comments! Early on January 6th, one lucky commenter (chosen by random drawing) will win a 4 month membership to Jewels Branch.

Congrats Lisa!

You’ve won!


  1. Kim Ertelt on at

    My top three projects for January are:
    1) Get a business Paypal account setup.
    2) Submit my forms to the Health Coach Group to launch my DSD site and load my programs.
    3) Begin to re build my website.

    • christie on at

      Go Kim! Best of luck rebuilding your site!

  2. Liz Schneider on at

    Top 3 Projects:
    1) complete site for Celtic coaching client – lots of working parts that I’m trying to keep in line

    (2) re-identify what really excites me and how I can apply it in my life AND in my business offerings – got to get connected to what makes my soul soar again, biz from the inside-out

    (3) Set yearly, quarterly, monthly goals for 2015, and with lots details for January.

    • christie on at

      Way to go on #2 Liz. Can’t wait to see what comes up for you with this one!

  3. Shannon on at

    1. Finish my branding inc packaging (almost done!)
    2. Create a marketing plan that fits with my life
    3. Laungh new fringe collection (alost ready for launch!)

    • christie on at

      Great goals Shannon! Here’s to January!

  4. My top three for January are:
    1. Figure out shipping on physical products
    2. List 50 items on Etsy
    3. Finish converting spare room into workroom

    Thanks for doing this!

    • christie on at

      Hurray for the workroom Melissa!

  5. Heather on at

    Top 3 Goals for January:

    1. Fine tune details of my 2015 marketing plan.
    2. Complete last 3 chapters of my book which will be published in 2015!
    3. Set up automated email series for “Eating for Energy for Busy Moms” freebie download.

    Whew! Thanks for the great templates Christine. Happy New Year to you!

    • christie on at

      Congrats on your book Heather!!! Share when it’s ready!

  6. Cristina on at

    Here I go:
    1. Prepare the consolidation of two LLCs. finetune the strategy identify outsourced help in fiscal, tax lawyers, accountants, etc; prepare the numbers; execute.

    2. Complete negotiations for 2 service providers and what types of contract will be mutually agreable.

    3. Continue to work- and hopefully nail it– Motivations and personal goals, to help clarify and re-orient business goals for the year.

    • Cristina on at

      I hit enter too soon: Christie, thank you for the lovely calendar. Very useful!

    • christie on at

      Sounds like lots of paperwork Cristina! You’ll be lighter when it’s all complete!

  7. Lisa on at

    Love the planner and tiny step tracker.

    My top 3 for January:
    1) Complete all accounting entries for year end and prepare for tax filing
    2) Finish design and implement my new Opt-in
    3) Fill in schedule for blog topics for 1st qtr.

    • christie on at

      I’m working on my end of year accounting too! Can’t wait to see your new Opt-in!

    • christie on at

      Congrats Lisa! You’re the winner!

  8. Lenze on at

    My top 3 projects
    1. Finish my magazine
    2. Setup membership site
    3. Finalize marketing plan

    • christie on at

      Go Eghe! Here’s to finishing up that magazine!!

  9. Carol on at

    Happy 2015, Christie! In January, I’ll tackle:
    1. Edit new product photos and add to Etsy shop.
    2. Add 40 new items to ArtFire shop.
    3. Re-do font and color charts.
    Thanks for the printables. I like having a visual reminder and your charts are perfect!

    • christie on at

      Carol – so great to see your face! Happy New Year and here’s to a great year on Easy!