Try, Do and See

Today I signed up for a writing conference. Big deal, right? People go to conferences everyday. But, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and wondering if I should go. If I deserve to go. What will I tell someone if they ask me what I write?

Should I tell them that I feel ashamed about all that I haven’t written? Should I say I feel stupid because I don’t know where to start? Should I say I’m just a beginner and down play the little bits of writing I have done?

All those questions playing over and over in my mind are so different from the words I use with my daughters.

When they are learning anything new, riding a bike, swimming, reading, I encourage them to TRY and to be proud of their efforts. Because I know that in TRYING they DO and the more they DO the better they will be.

So, why is my internal dialogue so screwed up?

In my heart I know I need to be proud of where I am and excited about what I’m working toward, regardless of that little voice that’s telling me I’m not quite worthy.

If I never sign up for conferences or try anything new I’m going to be stuck right where I am. Right?

I want for you the same things I want for my daughters and myself. I want you to be proud of your efforts to build a businesses. I want you to TRY and DO and SEE where it takes you.

Too often we get in our own way. We stop ourselves. We limit ourselves. We don’t let ourselves try.


  1. Ann McMahon on at

    You should go. You deserve to go. you’ll enjoy it. you’ll learn tons, get loads of ideas, new persectives. If you had all the answers you wouldn’t need to go. Send me a postcard from there.

  2. christie on at

    Thanks for the encouragement Ann! I felt the same way about b-school and I’m so glad I did that.