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It’s Contest Time!

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The Winners Are:

Comment #25: Joanna Byrne – wins a spot in The PDF Workshop

Comment #15: Angela Privin – wins a spot in The PDF Workshop – Self-Study

Comment #6 – Angela Sullivan – wins a spot in The PDF Workshop – Self-Study

There were so many great entries that I decided to choose three! Winners were chosen at random.

PDFworkshopContestI’m gifting 1 (one) spot in The PDF Workshop ($380 value, starts February 6th) to a super lucky person who answers the following questions in the comments below.

To enter:

Answer the following questions in the comments below by midnight (central) Friday, January 11th.

1. What kind of awesome PDF-style products do you want to create (freebies, e-books, workbooks, cookbooks, digital courses, etc.) for your ideal clients in 2013?

2. What will happen in your business during 2013 as a result of learning these skills and putting your PDF(s) out in the world now instead of later?

Dream BIG and share in the comments!

Winner will picked at random from the comments and be announced on Tuesday, January 15th.


  1. I’m not shy about being the first to respond, heck no! I love what you’re doing and have always had a secret little wish to be a part of one of your programs.

    I consider myself quite creatively and visually minded – I am drawn to things that are charming, clean, simple, thoughtful. I’ve always wanted that represented in my own business, but there’s a big gap between wanting that and being able to produce it.

    With the work I’m doing, I can imagine creating so many useful handouts, mini posters, mini guides — oh how I wish you could see my little wheels turning as I write. At the end of the day, I want to help as many women as I can in as many little beautiful ways as a possible — creative worksheets, printables to snail-mail off. I know it would set me apart to have that element of my craft established.

    For now I either foster it my imagination or try to clumsily recreate it using a Word doc and saving as a .pdf. To be able to turn these pictures in my head into something tangible would be a big step forward, for both me and my clients.

    Thank you for the consideration!

  2. Lisa on at

    I’d like to create a PDF version of the study plan that is in blog posts on my website, in a format that is beautifully designed, easy to update, has TOC with links, and preferably one that I can export as ePub, too.

    This will give me another product for my group – for those who want everything at once and want to work at their own pace.

  3. I felt like 2012 was the year of getting clear in my business and while I’m still not 100% there yet, I feel like I’m getting there more and more every day.

    For 2013, I want to create an awesome freebie that lists some techy tools women need to have in their online business toolbox. I would also love to create some Quick & Dirty Guides that really tell people the basics of what they need for tools such as Dropbox, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc.

    It would be awesome also to use some of these or create other ones for digital courses for my clients.

    I think the sooner I get PDFs out into the world, the more I can position myself as a go-tech resource for women business owners.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  4. I have teaching manuals that could use a professional Make Over, and would love the opportunity to learn how to do that.

    Getting clear and focussed this year, I’d love to get my manuals up-to-date and believe this will inspire my creativity to continue to make more teaching tools. This will enable more people to empower themselves by learning holistic healing tools.

  5. Claire Hayes on at

    Hi there. I want to create beautiful workbooks for my courses and a beautiful freebie that will really reflect me and my values.
    I know what I offer is really good but my digital presence does not show me in my true colours. I love design and get frustrated when I can’t do what I want! I would also prefer to do the design myself rather than contract out as I love it so much. I can see my work really benefiting from doing your course.

  6. there is so much i want to create (things already written out in my moleskines, and things still swirling about in my mind and heart)… .pdf’s that will go with classes, a few that are short how-to’s (re: Ordinary Magicks, Touching Stillness, Connecting to Self, Being in Heartspace, etc…), & workbooks.

    there’s so much yumminess that’s ready to come out & just needs me to be able to put it together in the way it needs & deserves…

    what will happen for my biz in 2013 with the ability to put these out now rather than later??? it opens up a world of opportunities and tons of possibilities. i’ll be able to dig in more and more to the parts of my biz that make my soul do the boogie woogie ;-); my perfect people will learn to get in touch with their own magicks and Self.

    tks for the chance at this, Christie!

  7. Cheryl Bigus on at

    I’ve taken Christie’s course and learned so much. I am still using her Modules today to work on my products.

  8. I want to create all the things you mentioned, but more than anything eBooks and Cookbooks. I created one last year, and think you program could really help me streamline that process and create PDFs that really sell.

    If I increased my effectiveness it would save me time. And increasing the pizzazz would help me increase sales….which means helping more women eating healthy foods that amazing!

  9. Jamie on at

    I’m just going to be launching my business in 2013 (hopefully next month!) and there are SO many things I want to be able to offer. An opt-in to start, but I want to be able to offer free resources to help people really understand social strategy. Eventually I would LOVE to be able to offer eBooks and courses.

    I think learning these skills will give me so much more confidence and I’ll be able to grow my business. (GROW is the word of 2013 for me, by the way) Not only will I learn things that can bring in more revenue, but knowing that I’ll be able to teach in new ways is so exciting for me!

  10. Tiffany on at

    I would love to create interactive workbooks for my clients to help them explore their brand, launch their PR, and more.
    It would empower my clients to do more – which would grow their business and bring them back for more writing from me!

  11. Heather Thorkelson on at

    Ooooh I want to win this seriously bad. It’s the only piece missing from my business at the moment. I have an AMAZING digital workshop at the ready as well as two free downloads that I need to turn into amazing PDF’s. What will happen in 2013 is that I’ll be able to help WAY more people by giving away 80% of my valuable stuff. It’s getting launched either way, but the PDF workshop will massively help me.

  12. Jessie on at

    I would love to be able to learn how to draw clothing patterns on a PDF. I want to get into pattern making this year as a goal. That would make my business have more options in terms of making free pdf patterns as well as patterns to sell. This would be so awesome!!!

  13. Kelly Pratt on at

    1. What kind of awesome PDF-style products — I have a paper planner that I’ve developed – and I’d like to make it available digitally for people to print out as they need it…

    2. What will happen in your business during 2013 — simplify simplify simplify!
    I believe in BEAUTIFUL TANGIBLE products – i love putting something amazing in the hands of my clients and customers;
    But I also believe in and love simplicity – so creating a digital product that SERVES my clients and is easily and inexpensively delivered sounds like mana from heaven!

  14. I’m looking into creating more freebie PDFs, I am working on a homestudy & mastermind course as well that needs workbooks and other templates and worksheets.

    I love designing and putting fun things together for graphics, but I’m terrible when it comes to creating PDFs o.O Learning through this course would not only help me with the dynamics, but also help create more abundance and bring a lovely package to my clients. I want to share fun and entertaining learning to my pdfs, not just plain jane white with black text πŸ˜€ thanks for this opportunity! And Good luck everyone!

  15. Angela on at

    How generous of you to run this contest Christie.

    In 2013 I would like to create a digestive Super cleanse which helps people balance and heal their digestive system while also learning about digestive health topics and strategies each week so they can keep themselves healthy.

    My contribution this year is a cleanse that is not only detoxifying but helps rebuild beneficial bacteria and heal the gut lining.

  16. Alana on at

    Honestly, the skills you are teaching feel so necessary to me that I’m (slightly) embarrassed I don’t have them. But I don’t…yet. I’d like to be able to produce everything from one-page mini-manifestos to beautiful downloadable love notes to pretty e-courses. There’s so much waiting to be born!

    As for what will happen in my business when I have these skills? I’ll have one less excuse and many more reasons to pour my heart into my work, knowing that the way it looks matches the quality of the content. It’s amazing to me how stuck I get when it comes to creating, because I don’t know how to make it look pretty. Time to do away with that little internal monster and reach more people with my message.

    Thanks Christie!

  17. Chivon on at

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    In 2013 I would like to create and launch my first digital course and joining your workshop will help me to create professional looking workbooks and worksheets without the stress.

    Last year I spent a lot of time getting clear about my branding and where I want to take my business and I want to do my best to provide the best content to my audience in a professional package.

  18. Thanks for this contest!

    I actually plan to create different pdf-style products. I want to create some freebies as an optin-offer. In the long run I would love to create some sort of e-zine as an optin-goodie that people will receive regularly as long as they stay on the list.
    I want to add new revenue streams to my products. One of them are crochet patterns as pdfs. At some point I would love to offer workbooks – or even some sort of planner … I have SO SO SO many ideas!!!

    As a result of having awesome pdfs I would get more people on my list, sell more, attract my ideal customer more easily, add new revenue streams and HAVE FUN! πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!


  19. Angela on at

    Thanks so much Christie!

    I would love to tap into your expertise – I’m not aware of anyone in my corner of the world (Sydney) who offers a course like this…

    And I think it will free me!!

    I am launching my new business with the big, grand vision of connecting with, serving and empowering female entrepreneurs with the clarity, self-belief and core marketing skills so they can take the consistent action that allows them to step up and into their full business potential.

    In the past I have only passed on knowledge and inspiration in a one on one scenario. I know to reach and help more people that my Core Clarity Workshop and Client Engagement Marketing philosophy need to be transformed into public workshops and digital courses where the content is as visually engaging and inspiring as the information is!

    Where to start?? With your guidance I will be able to make it so……. the women I work with will get a thrill of anticipation at what is in store, what is really possible for them when they look upon the gorgeous PDF’s, workbooks, e-books, motivational posters and the like that I will now be able to create!

    Help me start a revolution down under please Christie… πŸ™‚

  20. Kris Emery on at

    1. A n y t h i n g awesome would be a good start! Mainly looking at workbooks for an online freelancing course that I’ve been massively procrastinating on and a beautifully branded opt-in.

    2. I’m reasonable at using Word, but branding and design is not my forte, particularly anything to do with images. But people love visually appealing content, right? I want to reach and help more people, but how will I do that if their instinct is ‘ugh, ugly!’ when they come to read my writing? In short, my design will do my voice justice if I amp up my PDF skills in 2013.

  21. Claire on at

    Love this!! I want to create lots of PDFs, so basically everything you have listed above πŸ™‚

    If I had the skills you are providing, well…..I could get on with it myself and start having fun with it while worrying less about the how-tos, etc. Yeah!!

  22. Fatma on at

    I love being creative and have created some beautiful PDFs before. I too have many ideas and want to create more ecourses, workbooks, power sheets, posters and more. I am certain that there is more to learn and your course sounds awesome!

    My business will easily create joy, delight and transformation for many many more people globally through my beautiful products.

  23. 2013 is a big year for me, and this year come hell or high water I’m going to get digital products in front of women so they can get pregnant, go into labor with ease, and heal gracefully, especially if they have a surgical birth.

    I’m holding myself back cause my pages pdfs suuuuuuck, so its more about helping women heal themselves that the big dollas I’m gonna make. But I do enjoy the dollas πŸ™‚

  24. Marinda on at

    Hi Christie, I love that you’re so generous with your knowledge and with a spot in your program! I wouldn’t say I am totally clueless about design, I just don’t know all that is possible to do in Word and I find that I have so many ideas that I don’t know how to make happen. (sigh)

    1. What kind of awesome PDF-style products do you want to create (freebies, e-books, workbooks, cookbooks, digital courses, etc.) for your ideal clients in 2013?

    My ideal clients are female entrepreneurs who blog for business. I will be teaching them how to photograph, edit and prepare their photos for their blog, plus how to come up with their editorial calendar. So that’s three courses coming up in 2013, and I would love to liven up the worksheets that go with both the free training, and the actual paid-for classes.

    2. What will happen in your business during 2013 as a result of learning these skills and putting your PDF(s) out in the world now instead of later?

    I believe that the more beautiful and well designed my worksheets are, the better the entire learning experience will be for my students, and that is my ultimate goal; to make it a pleasure to do my online classes at every corner.

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a spot in your wonderful program, I’m looking forward to it if I win! πŸ™‚

  25. Joanna on at

    Wow! Thanks for the awesome opportunity!
    I just got my biz off the ground mid-2012 and its been a huge learning curve of websites, blogging and online connections. I am LOVING it… And I want to make it even better!

    1. I am looking to create two programmes this year, but have a major stumbling block with the worksheets. I really, really, really want to be able to create my own lovely pdf’s for my course participants. Also, sometimes when I do a blog post, people ask me for a little pdf to go with it. It’s such a great idea, and I REALLY want to do it.

    2. My biz is still growing, and in 2013 I hope it grows even faster. These little creative pdf bundles of joy that I would love to create would take my blogs and programs from OK to fabulous, unique and totally me. They will hopefully help spread the word about what I do, while also allowing me to be that extra bit creative with work.

    I’d love the chance to do it πŸ™‚

  26. Ann on at

    How generous Christie!
    Would like to create gorgeous freebies, e courses & workbooks so that 2013 is the year I move from an expensive hobby to a profitable enterprise!

  27. L'Erin on at

    1. I’m intent to create a workbook for my new opt-in series, ebooks and digital courses in 2013. Woot woot!!

    As a result of putting out ebooks and such without needing a designer, my business will be much more intimately under my own guidance. That way I won’t have to wait for other people to move my business forward.

  28. ahhhhhhh Christie! I have followed and valued your work from the beginning of our meeting in Bschool. I have worked hard on my business over this last year, the FIRST year, doing live webinars and private sessions, along with many-monthed live programs. It has been RICH… and exhausting. I was only able to share my wisdom and serve others through my live work. THIS year, I plan on creating course work so that I can reach so many more people, without having to exhaust myself even more. My vision is to spread this deep self healing work into the world to liberate and transform humanity! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win your program and work with you!

  29. I am planning on creating a digital library of planners, cheat sheets and quick guides so that online course creators like yourself can find exactly what they need to create their own ideal course. My plan is similar to that of

    I know is seems strange that I don’t want to create an online course on online courses. But I know that my ideal clients don’t have time to complete an online course. They just want a place to find what they need to help their either build or tweak their existing course and my digital library will help them achieve that.

    As a result of learning these new skills my business will be able to grow and reach more people. I offer a bespoke service and only have a certain amount of hours in my evening to work with clients. This library will allow me to reach more people, and people who cannot afford my specific services but still want access to the best online education principles and strategies.

    By the way, thanks for the opportunity. This is the first time I have written down this idea (it has been floating around in my head for about two years.


  30. I’m a great coach. I love my work. I want to reach more people- and some don’t know I do work well beyond Maybe Baby (I do, it’s true). The rub is I’m not a tech wizard and what I want (make that need) to put out into the world and help people with, I lose footing. I have the magic and healing but need the vehicle. From every way I look at it, this course teaches how to create that vehicle. And oh mama, I’ve looked.

    So I see this as a really cool venn diagram in the making. One where my skill meets the tech ability to create something profound, of depth and great beauty. A welcome to my world and a gentle holding of the heart. That overlap is here. Your course, Christie, is both the sweet spot in the middle and a huge injection of inspiration. I’ve heard nothing but raves about this. Thank you for your consideration!

    • I hit ‘post’ a touch too soon. Continued:

      1. What kind of awesome PDF-style products do you want to create (freebies, e-books, workbooks, cookbooks, digital courses, etc.) for your ideal clients in 2013?

      I want to create a couple of things, especially freebies but also transform my current content into something beautiful and worthy of the deep work my clients dare to do. I have an online platform I use for my courses (I have 3 brand new ones scheduled for Q1 and Q2, in addition to Maybe Baby. I have documents there that can be downloaded but I want to turn my ‘cutepdf’ files into accompanying pieces and allow my clients to take beautiful pieces they need with them, in their work bag, on the bus, to bed… to allow the intimate connection of reading and journaling… on paper. I have the ‘content’ online but want to help create an experience for them so they can get very intimate with the whispers of their heart. Reading and writing online is handy, but holding a pen and paper, underlining and having the tactile experience is what I want to offer. A beautiful pdf not only makes that possible but helps be desired and part of the ritual of inquiry into the heart.

      2. What will happen in your business during 2013 as a result of learning these skills and putting your PDF(s) out in the world now instead of later?

      (Excellent question, by the way.) What happens is the experience my clients have changes immediately. We wrap this in a deeper layer of beauty and connection and that changes the work itself. That’s been a big lesson to me lately, packaging (the care put into it and the care for one’s work) is often what speaks to people. It is what has them say yes or no to an experience at all, and how they experience the work once in it. It’s a bit like how fabric feels on the skin- any shirt will do the job, but one that feels good, is beautiful and is an invitation to wear, will do far more than merely keep you covered. It becomes it’s own experience. I want my work to be that comfortable and deeply touching experience. When dealing with desires of the heart (my work) that changes the entire experience.

      The other changes include moving forward. Launching and presenting my fresh work to the world in it’s intended form, not waiting until the second round to be able to spruce up. It’s the difference between living in a house and knowing someday you can make your desired changes, or getting to make those changes and have it reflect you right away.

      And in 2013, that changes everything. Again, thank you for your consideration, Christie.

      With gratitude,

  31. Dana Calanan on at

    1) ebooks and digital courses in creativity and creative problem solving
    2) it will propel my business and ignite interest in creativity and creative problem solving worldwide!