Women Branching Out: Erin Giles

I’m excited to have Erin Giles of ErinGiles.com with us today. Erin Giles is on a mission to teach women how to use philanthropy from day one in our businesses.

She recently launched End Sex Trafficking Day and in just 30 days raised $10,000
to fund a book featuring contributions from thought leaders like Seth Godin and Danielle La Porte. (See Erin’s interview with Danielle La Porte.)

Here’s Erin …

Tell us about ErinGiles.com and your newest offering Rocket Your Revolution. What does your business do and who do you love to serve?

Erin Giles My bright spot on the web is to encourage shining business ladies to do good + do business. When you AMP the WORLD, you AMP your business. Rocket Your Revolution is a 4 week course that starts June 4th that teaches female entrepreneurs how to build philanthropy into their business.

I LOVE to serve women who are passionate, focused, creative and wanting to truly make a difference in the world.

– – – – – – –

You recently created the philanthropic event End Sex Trafficking Day, raised $10,000 in 30 days and garnered participation from Seth Godin, Carol Roth, Danielle LaPorte, and others. Tell us a little bit about EST.

EST Day came out of nowhere at just the perfect time. I was stuck in my business and didn’t have an idea what my true businesses purpose was. When I read Screw Business as Usual + watched a documentary about global sex trafficking– EST Day was born. I knew End Malaria Day was highly successful and since I didn’t have millions of dollars to give to fight sex trafficking. I did what I could.

It was scary reaching out to business big shots, not to mention raising 10k in 29 days, but fear doesn’t have anything on my faith! The 10k was raised so that the End Sex Trafficking book featuring 60 essays from 60 brilliant writers could be released on EST Day September 26, 2012.

– – – – – – –

What personal growth have you experienced as a result of launching End Sex Trafficking Day?

Oy, I could write a book in response to this question:) What didn’t I learn?! I learned the power of asking for help (most importantly), the power of speaking positive and the power of going after what your heart is calling you to do.

– – – – – – –

What is the first question women who want to build philanthropy into their business model should ask themselves?

What pisses me off?

No really, the first place they should start is to recognize what tragedies and injustices in the world piss them off.

Choose the one that ticks you off the most, now that is your philanthropic passion.

I knew sex trafficking was mine, not only because of stories in my past involving domestic abuse, but because I wanted everyone to watch the documentary Nefarious, and of course it made me cry…that was a sign it had me.

– – – – – – –

What is one easy way to start being philanthropic today?

Be the giver, don’t wait until you are making millions. Start today. Find a need and give.

– – – – – – –

Who are your online business role models? and why?

Erika Lyremark because she whipped me into shape and always goes above and beyond to serve. Danielle La Porte because she is so sincere and embraces generosity.

– – – – – – –

Who in your personal life is your biggest supporter and what does this support allow you to do?

Without a doubt, my husband.
He always supports my big crazy ideas by listening, designing my websites, praying for me and speaking the truth when I get discouraged. I wouldn’t be coaching if he wouldn’t have pushed me to go after it.

– – – – – – –

What is your favorite aspect of running your own business?

Not having to put on slacks, dress shirts and high heeled shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up, but when I want to, not because I have to. I love wearing workout clothes and flip flops most days. Comfort makes business that much sweeter.

– – – – – – –

What did 9 year old Erin say she wanted to be when she grew up?

A personal trainer! At 9, I loved doing Denise Austin exercise videos with my Mom and loved encouraging people. And today, I am still working out and encouraging women to change the world!

– – – – – – –

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about becoming unforgettable through philanthropy?

Do not feel like you have to wait until you are a full grown, million dollar business. I can’t stress this enough. Do it now, make it a part of your business strategy and the growth will happily follow.

– – – – – – –

Erin Giles is the founder of End Sex Trafficking Day and teaches women how to start their own revolution by building philanthropy into their business model with her 4 week program, Rocket Your Revolution that starts June 4th. You can sign up for a free 15 minute Launchpad session by clicking here. You can also find Erin on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Tina Pruitt on at

    LOVE this Christie and Erin! Thanks for a great interview…you have just given me permission to become a philanthropist!! I always knew I wanted to do great, generous things for others but (except for volunteering, donating time/things) I DID always have that voice that said….”when I make a lot of money, I am going to help others by…..” – and now, I clearly see that I can start doing those things right now. Thanks for allowing me to “step up” to philanthropist!

    • christie on at

      Thanks Tina – Erin is a philanthropy rock star. She’s going to change up the way women entrepreneurs think about our missions in the world and the impact we can have right now.

  2. I always love reading stories in what other entrepreneurs are up to. It’s so great that you do this. I like how Erin teaches entrepreneurs how to incorporate philanthropy into their business. I love that as an entrepreneur that we can support whatever cause we want to. I love giving back and what a great way by just incorporating into your biz. Thanks for sharing.

    • christie on at

      Alara – Getting to support whatever cause we believe in is so powerful. Other great benefit of being an entrepreneur.

  3. This interview is so timely for me because I have been thinking of ways to start a non-profit for the longest time and now I’m motivated to take the leap and just do it. I’m going to be thinking about learning the “power of asking for help” which has always been so difficult for me. Thanks Christie and Erin–just the kick in the pants I needed!

    • christie on at

      Terri – thanks for stopping by to comment. Asking for help can be such a sticking point for many of us. Combining the “ask” with a cause that you are passionate about can make all the difference. For instance, I’ve learned that I can advocate for my children’s health, education, etc. in ways that I’ve never advocated for anything else.

  4. Emily Montez on at

    I love the idea that you don’t have to make millions to do good in the world. I am so hung up on that, like ‘when I finally get going, then I’ll be really giving’. On my dream board, one of the goals is to be generous with money, time, and spirit, but I am not sure I have done such a great job. However, this has definitely sparked something in me to get going. Now I just gotta find the right cause…
    Thanks for the push to do more good in the world!

    • christie on at

      Emily – thanks for stopping by… Erin suggests taking note of what pisses you off as a starting point for philanthropy. So what’s bugging you about the world these days?

  5. Sarah on at

    This is so cool: ” I learned the power of asking for help (most importantly), the power of speaking positive and the power of going after what your heart is calling you to do.”

    I wholeheartedly embrace these notions and can see how they have the power to transform this world.

    What I love about philanthropy is that we each have a calling. While I see sex trafficking as horrible, my heart tugs at water and that folks around the world don’t have clean safe water.

    Together we will change the world!

    • christie on at

      Sarah – Yes, as women entrepreneurs we have so much power and can change the world. Thanks for sharing your calling to promote clean, safe water.

  6. Erin Giles on at

    Love that you are all wanting to incorporate philanthropy into your biz ladies! Start now and feel free to sign up for a free 15 minute launchpad session with me, I am doing them through next week! Here is the link: http://bit.ly/JBheL9


    • christie on at

      Yes… go spend 15 minutes getting this part of your biz in motion w/Erin!

  7. Erin, this really resonates with me. I just launched a product-based business, and my intention always was to give a certain amount of profits to charity. But I haven’t really done anything about it. “Do not feel like you have to wait until you are a full grown, million dollar business.” Yes! I’m done waiting. Time to pick the thing that pisses me off the most, and fight it as hard as my dollars can. 🙂

    • christie on at

      Yah Elizabeth – can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  8. What a great interview and a great vehicle. I think most of us have created our businesses in large part to be givers, philanthropists and patrons of that which our heart holds dear. But how? We have some ideas, but Erin offers a collective intention and a way to do it. So great. And next time, I want to get in on being a supporter/giver for your campaign. Hit me up!

    Thanks for this great interview, Christie!

    • christie on at

      Thanks Randi … yep, Erin’s filling in that “But how?” gap between our intentions for our businesses and the everyday realities of being in biz. I have a feeling she’s going to make it effortless and we’ll be wondering why didn’t I do this sooner!

  9. Amber on at

    Erin is the bomb!! I signed up for my launch pad session yesterday! xo

    • christie on at

      Woo, Amber! Looking forward to seeing your philanthropic endeavors. They’ll be big and bold and inspiring. I just know it!

  10. Jenn Burton on at

    I love the interviews that you are doing Christie… This one is a particular beauty. I am actually about to dig into the End Sex Trafficking as well.. it is what I am most passionate about in philanthropy. So thank you for such an awesome interview with them most perfect timing!

  11. An amazing interview! So awesome to meet the amazing women behind the amazing cause as well! My favorite quote is “Be the giver, don’t wait until you are making millions. Start today. Find a need and give.” Even if you think you don’t have anything to give, the thing that may be easy for you to come by may be extremely valuable to someone in need like time, a listening ear and even as simple as a smile. Many thanks for this fantastic interview and the reminder that EVERYONE can make a difference!

  12. Sarah Yost on at

    Freaking LOVE this! Love. Love. Love. The most important lesson here is not to wait until you’re making millions.

  13. I have just read this now as I’m preparing to reach out for contributors to my first ebook, Gorgeous Green Smoothies, which will raise money for the Hamlin Fistula Fund.
    I had such a similar experience to yours Erin, and cried when I first learned about the suffering of women with obstetric fistula.
    I have a personal goal too to raise $10000 for this cause and now feel that it’s something I can achieve. My faith that I’m on the right path is huge. But I’m about to head back to where I saw your “Amp Your Ask” product and buy that, as I need all the help I can get to find and approach the right contributors!