Women Branching Out: Kimberly Riggins

I’m so happy to have Kimberly Riggins as the Women Branching Out interviewee today.

Kimberly is a body image expert and creator of The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked, a movement that challenges women all across the world to accept and love themselves just as they are. She’s the author of the book “Love Your Naked Ass.” You can visit www.eatchocolatenaked.com to receive her free Mirror Mantra and Body Love Kit.

Q: Tell us about The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked. Who do you love to help, and why?

The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked is actually a metaphor. Although I do enjoy eating chocolate in the buff and often recommend this to my readers and clients because of the profound effect it has on your life, this movement is really about reigniting your senses, dropping your self-defeating behaviors and learning to accept and love yourself for who you are right NOW.

I wholeheartedly believe the path to happiness and pleasure starts with loving yourself from the inside out. I have learned, through my own personal journey, that in order to live a fulfilling life, you MUST let go of the guilt, shame and hang-ups you have around your body, food and relationships and most importantly you have to practice being present every single day.

Obviously, I am completely inspired to help women because I know what it feels like to harbor low self-esteem, crazy body image issues and dull, lifeless relationships. On the flip side, I also know what it takes to shift that completely around and fall madly in love with yourself and your life regardless if you’ve reached your “destination.”

The truth is, as Ralph Waldo Emerson eloquently said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Q: You recently published your first book, Love Your Naked Ass, 80 Gentle Ways to Transform Your Life, Restore Your Serenity & Rediscover Happiness. Can you share one of your tips from the book with us?

Wow. I have so many tips I would love to share. In fact, if anyone would like to get a taste of Love Your Naked Ass, you can get your hands on a FREE excerpt by going here.

One of my favorite tips that I share in my book that has absolutely changed the course of my own life involves learning to become your very own best friend.

I think it’s imperative that you learn everything about yourself first before venturing into a relationship. Become your own best friend and learn to love being in your own company before inviting anyone else in.

Spend one on one time getting to know YOU. What are your likes, dislikes, personal and professional boundaries, values? What makes you angry, excited, and happy? What turns you on? Turns you off? What gives you pleasure? Brings you joy?

I know this may sound strange but if you can’t meet your own needs and wants, and you do not have clear boundaries, you will never find true happiness. You will always be looking for others to provide you with that “missing piece” when truthfully; it’s not their job. It’s yours!

So how do you become your own best friend? The fastest, most effective to do this is to schedule what I call, “ME Dates.”

A “Me Date” is when you take yourself out and participate in something enjoyable without having to rely on another to keep you company.

Take yourself out to that 5-star restaurant you have been dying to try, take in that movie you desperately have been yearning to see, go to that little coffee shop and enjoy a latte (guilt free) while devouring your favorite book or magazine, hike in the park while inhaling nature, or grab your bike and helmet and hit the trails.

Honestly, it’s irrelevant what you choose to do. The point is to get to know yourself, like you would your best friend. Love her. Talk to her. And most importantly, learn to have to fun with her.

Q: Tell us about the process of writing and publishing your book. What do you wish you’d know when you started? What did you learn about yourself in the process?

Writing and publishing a book is definitely an adventure. There are so many different avenues you can take to get your work into print.

There are also so many questions you have to ask yourself before you take on this kind of endeavor.

Why are you writing this? Who are you writing this for? What is your goal? Do you want the sole rights to your book? Do you want to self-publish or look for a publishing house? Do you want an agent? An editor? A designer? Help with formatting? Do you want it in hardback? Paperback? Kindle? Do you have a time frame in mind? How will you market it? Who will you market it to? The list questions could go on and on.

I honestly didn’t have any expectations going into this. I knew there would be a huge learning curve and I was up for challenge. I actually found the whole process fascinating.

This entire experience taught me that I have the power to do anything. If there is a will, there is always a way.

Q: You have an ongoing interview series with so many awesome women called “Love Your Naked Ass Warrior Series.” What have you learned from those interviews?

The Love Your Naked Ass Warrior Series features fierce female luminaries who dare to defy the social norm in unconventional ways in order to inspire and empower the world one woman at a time.

Honestly, the series has exceeded my own expectations. Initially, my goal was to provide content for my readers, as well as to help these amazing women spread their message. But it has definitely morphed into so much more…

Listening to their stories, reading their books, taking some of their programs has helped me figure out who I want to be and has definitely played a part in how I show up in the world.

Q: Who are your business role models? and why?

My business role models are women entrepreneurs who run their business around their children. I am in awe what they can accomplish while raising a family. They inspire me and give me the strength to keep moving forward. (I currently am building my business around a 3 year old…not an easy feat.)

Q: As a mom how do you think women can best model self-acceptance and healthy body images for their daughters (and sons)?

Learning to truly love yourself is the best gift and lesson you can give/teach your children. Your children watch your every move so be conscious how you treat yourself.

Q: When you are eating chocolate naked (or not), what are your favorites?

Lately I have been devouring homemade chocolate. Yes, I make my own.

The last batch consisted of raw coconut butter, raw cacao powder, pure maple syrup, dash of sea salt, hemp seeds, raw golden berries and chopped hazelnuts.

If I am buying chocolate, my current favorites include Sweet Riot, Dagoba, Endangered Species, NewTree, Good Cacao Superfood Chocolate, and Vosges.

Kimberly Riggins is a body image expert, negative self-talk warrior and a transformational catalyst who inspires women to let go of their body hang-ups and kick their inner critical bitch to the curb. She is the author of the book, “Love Your Naked Ass” and the creator of The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked, a movement that challenges women all across the world to accept and love themselves just as they are. Her primary mission: To have each and every woman she meets be able to look at themselves in the mirror and smile back at what they see. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. Sherold on at

    Christie – thank you for interviewing another amazing woman on your blog today. I got to virtually meet Kimberely, review her site and read your blog on her. I love that Kimberely says to create a relationship with yourself first before you invite anyone else in. Kimberely’s message is so important not only for us but for young girls. We have learned to hate our bodies when in fact – our bodies are completely innocent. It’s our ego / left brain that is causing the negative body image thoughts. So by changing the way we think about our bodies as you say is the way. Great article and interview.

    • christie on at

      You are welcome Sherold. Kimberly has such a strong, much needed message. I’m honored to help her spread it.

    • Kimberly on at

      Thanks Sherold! And yes, our bodies are completely innocent. I love how you put that! xoxo

  2. Jenny Shih on at

    I love “Love Your Naked Ass!” Just reading the words make me smile.

    Those are some great tips about learning to be your own best friend. So often we do look outside for company and reassurance; to learn to do that for ourselves would be so nurturing!

    I’m with you on raw chocolates. Been making them and hooked on them myself. As for eating them naked… I guess it’s time to add that to the list.

    Thanks for sharing Kimberly with us, Christie!

    • christie on at

      Jenny – thanks for the comment! I’ve never tried making my own chocolate, always something new to explore!

  3. Yvette on at

    I absolutely LOVE Kimberly’s message! Its so needed especially, for our young girls. I like “learn how to be your own friend” so powerful. Loving yourself and embracing who you are is the utmost confidence booster. Nothing can break you once you achieve that state. When I was younger I use to setup dates with myself, so many of my friends would ask me how can you do that? I could never do that. Sure, it was lonesome at times, but having the courage to do that served me tremendously with relationships and as I’ve gotten older. Like you said — you have to learn how to be happy with yourself. Even today, I’m happily married, I still take “me” out on a date. I love it!

  4. Laura Gates on at

    Love this Christie. I loved this part:

    you MUST let go of the guilt, shame and hang-ups you have around your body, food and relationships and most

    This is what I have been working on lately. And I also love going on ME dates. I am relishing the little alone time I have these days…

  5. Laura Gates on at

    Love this post. Love the idea of ME dates and being my own best friend.
    I have really been enjoying my ME time lately, as rare as it can be at times in this crazy world we live in!

    This spoke to me as a theme right now as well, for us as women to embrace our bodies:

    that in order to live a fulfilling life, you MUST let go of the guilt, shame and hang-ups you have around your body,

    Love that

  6. Kathleen on at

    Exquisite, Christy. Thank you for it.

    I reallly appreciate Kimberly’s message. I saw her some time ago in a video she had created and she exuded such passion and mission in her presence. The wisdom in her advice to become one’s own bestfriend FIRST and get to know oneself, is such an imperative for good relationships!

    Thank you for spreading the seeds of wisdom of these women, Christy! And… your own! xo

    • Kimberly on at

      Thank you Kathleen. I really appreciate your kind words. xo

  7. Kimberly on at

    Thanks Jenny! And you MUST try eating your chocolate naked. It is so much fun!!! We need to compare recipes. xoxo

  8. Kimberly on at

    Yeah Yvette! I love it! “Me” dates are so important! And are super fun when you can learn to be in the company of yourself. xo

  9. Thank you Christie and Kimberley! I love the reminder to be your own best friend. After a disastrous broken engagement in my late twenties (my call), this was absolutely a lesson that I learned then. Still…a decade + later, I know that I get caught up in being a business owner, a mom, a wife and all the other roles we all have. I think it’s time to add some ME dates to the calendar…and some chocolate too!

    Jennifer Peek
    Find Your New Groove
    Left-Brained Strategy for Right-Brained Businesses

    • Kimberly on at

      Most definitely Jennifer. Me Dates and chocolate are essential!

      I totally am with you on getting caught up with all the “hats” we have to wear. I think that is why it is even more important to give ourselves this time. Not only do we deserve it, but it necessary to maintain our sanity. Well, at least mine! 🙂

      Lots of love to you.

  10. Oh I absolutely adore Kimberly! There is a reason that when traveling by air we are to put our masks on before we help others. Kimberly has hit it right on the money about taking care of you, getting to know you and being your own friend before you embark on other relationship adventures. If you are happy and in love with yourself it is so easy and more free to love others. What a beautiful message! Btw if you ever need a care package of maple syrup from up here in Canada, it is ON ITS WAY! 🙂

  11. Kimberly on at

    I adore you too Anastasia! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Of course! Maple syrup, eh? Love that stuff! xoxo