Printable: March 2015 Calendar

15 Minutes Per Day = Progress

What tiny step can you take each day to move one (or two or three) of your business projects forward in March?

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Imagine the Possibilities

Download this printable (PDF) calendar and commit to take one tiny action per day, and see how much progress you can make.

Fifteen minutes of focused action, 5 days per week throughout March = 5.5 hours of work on one or more of your most important projects!

Share your priority projects to win!

Work through the Priority Project Planner and share your top 3 projects for March in the comments! On March 3rd one lucky commenter (chosen by random drawing) will win a spot in our Opt-in Brilliance self-study course.


  1. Sara on at

    Top three March projects:
    revamp website—get old and new up and running
    two sales pages
    write and submit 2 articles

    My 15-minute step today—getting organized.

    • christie on at

      Love it Sara! BIG high impact projects all around!

  2. Merja on at

    My biggest project is start to create my own website (homepage) and truly start that blogg of mibe 🙂

    • christie on at

      Go Merja! Here’s to getting your homepage live and blogging your way through March!

  3. Ani on at

    Always struggling to be a proper planner. This makes me want to try harder to be one. It’s amazing what can be done in just 15 minutes! Thanks for the encouragement and the printable, Christie!

    The March Three — major website tweaks, create more artwork, and get active on instagram

    Wish me luck!

    • christie on at

      Go Ani! Seems like websites are the theme for March! Loving your mushrooms!

  4. Sarah on at

    My three projects for this month are:
    1. To get my company website finished and make it Live to the world.
    2. To kick off my blog.
    3. To pick up some more clients for freelance writing, social media, or email marketing.

    My 15-minute progress today will involve looking through the materials you provide on here so that I can start envisioning my brand for the website. This weekend I need to write more of my website content.

    • christie on at

      Go Sarah! Here’s to getting your website LIVE!

  5. Alicia on at

    Hi – love this calendar! Thanks so much for creating it and making it available to us. 🙂

    My top 3 projects for the month of March are:

    1. Create and distribute a market research survey
    2. Create a lead magnet
    3. Design a one-page webpage for my lead magnet

    15 minute step today: continue to edit and create my survey to get ready to send out tomorrow!

    • christie on at

      Great projects for March Alicia!

  6. christie on at

    Congrats to commenter #4: Sarah! Sarah you’ve won spot in our Opt-in Brilliance self-study course. Watch for an email from me shortly with details.

    Thanks to everyone who commented and here’s to success with all your March plans!