Answers to 5 DIY Branding Resource Questions I Get Asked Most Often

Many of the questions I get about DIY design and branding center around what resources, tools, and software to use. Here are answers to 5 questions I get asked all the time.

PDF Design Software

Q: What software should I use to create my pdfs (freebies, worksheets, ebooks)?

A: Short answer: Word, Pages, InDesign, or Canva. Read 4 Software Options for Creating Beautiful PDFs and Documents for full details.

Fillable PDFs

Q: How can I create pdf worksheets will fillable forms?

A: Short answer: Acrobat Pro, PDFPen Pro, PDF Escape, Nitro Pro, CutePDF. Read How Can I Make Interactive and Fillable PDFs? for full details.

Stock Photos

Q: Where can I find inexpensive stock photos?

A: Short answer: Creative Commons, no-cost commercial use sites, Little Visuals, PicJumbo, Death to Stock Photo. More resources here under “Images” category.

Brand Colors

Q: I found a color I love online how can I get the color codes I need to use it on my site?

A: Short answer: Digital Color Meter (Mac) or Instant Eyedropper (PC). Read What’s That Color? for full details.

Brand Fonts

Q: I found a font I love! How can I figure out the name of the font?

A: Short answer: What the Font or Identifont. Read 2 Free Tools to Help You Identify Fonts for full details.

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  1. Sara on at

    So much good information here—wish I had known about color samplers earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time fiddling to get shades I liked.

  2. Kelly on at

    Fabulous list of resources – thank you! I was just thinking about how to create PDF worksheets to fill in online 🙂