PDF Workshop Showcase: Cheryl Bigus

All week I’ll be featuring the work of participants in the first two sessions of The PDF Workshop. The PDF Workshop is a digital course that teaches women entrepreneurs how to write, design, and produce their own PDF documents (e-books, worksheets, cookbooks, and more).

PDF Workshops Showcase #4: Cheryl Bigus

8 Roots to Cultivate Lifelong Well-Being


8 Roots to Cultivate Lifelong Well-Being and Get Your Euphoria Back! created by CHERYL BIGUS of Euphoric Roots. Cheryl used her logo, color palette, and fonts to create to this 21-page freebie for her opt-in list.

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You can do this, too!

You can learn how to create your own beautiful PDFs in The PDF Workshop. Group session begins Feb. 6th.