PDF Workshop Showcase: Alara Castell

All week I’ll be featuring the work of participants in the first two sessions of The PDF Workshop. The PDF Workshop is a digital course that teaches women entrepreneurs how to write, design, and produce their own PDF documents (e-books, worksheets, cookbooks, and more).

PDF Workshops Showcase #2: Alara Castell

9 Easy Ways to Become Irresistible Online


9 Easy Ways to Become Irresistible Online written and designed by ALARA CASTELL of Big Hearts Unite in iWork Pages. Alara combined design elements, colors, and fonts from her brand to create this e-book.

Ready to take your PDFs up a notch? Join now!

You + The PDF Workshop = beautiful PDFs. Group session begins Feb. 6th.

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You can learn how to create your own beautiful PDFs in The PDF Workshop. Group session begins Feb. 6th.


  1. Amy Scott on at

    Great work, Alara!

  2. Awesome Alara!!!

  3. Erin on at

    Looks lovely, Alara! I like how you ended up doing the cover, and the interior “tips” page looks amazing 🙂