PDF Workshop Showcase: Rebecca Mullen

All week I’ll be featuring the work of participants in the first two sessions of The PDF Workshop. The PDF Workshop is a digital course that teaches women entrepreneurs how to write, design, and produce their own PDF documents (e-books, worksheets, cookbooks, and more).

PDF Workshops Showcase #5: Rebecca Mullen

A Soulful Cleanse


A Soulful Cleanse created by REBECCA MULLEN of Altared Spaces. Rebecca used her brand colors and fonts to create to this e-book about how to find order in your chaos without squeezing yourself into someone else’s box.

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You can do this, too!

You can learn how to create your own beautiful PDFs in The PDF Workshop. Group session begins Feb. 6th.


  1. Thanks for showcasing my workbook, Christie. It was such a cool journey creating it. I learned things about my business I didn’t expect and rediscovered how to play with my inner artist. Far more joy-filled than I expected.

    • christie on at

      You are so welcome, Rebecca.